Friday, May 27, 2011


some pictures from the last week:
1+2. outfit worn yesterday. second hand army jacket, suede shirt from make lemonade, second hand shorts, de bijenkorf bag from my granny.
3. my bike and raincoat.
4. waiting in the unnervingly clean 'mediacity' to watch the recording of Mastermind. seeing john humphrys in the flesh and my friend gigi being invited to sit in 'the chair' during the break made it the best day of my life.
5. my green suede and snakeskin heels at my end of year ball.
6. armed with flask of coffee and layers just before going to the library.
7. ashburne halls. I often walk pass these halls, sigh that some people live with windows over rosebeds and then return to my own humble accommodation. and am impressive pile of kitchen sink side dishes.
8. outfit worn yesterday.


Unknown said...

I love your jacket on the first picture and the shoes on the last one, I've got pretty the same ones, old things from Timberland !

See U !

Anonymous said...

Loving the green shoes!

Anonymous said...

So this is where lindsay weir's jacket ended up after freaks and geeks was cancelled...

Bob said...

I like all this very much, it made me excited to be going to Manchester this year. I have a suggestion-as you've mentioned a couple of your staples for student living, I would love to see a roundup post of some Manchester/uni specific things you have learnt, possibly clothes, but an overall lifestyle/real student necessities post would be really interesting. Obviously I'm aware it's nearly the end of uni and there's things you'd much rather be getting on with, but I would definitely prefer to get suggestions from you than the university's own guides. Anyway, love everything, the colour combinations here do funny things to my brain, in a good way.