Monday, July 11, 2011

darwin and delilah

I'm very excited to have Darwin and Delilah as the first sponsors of the blog! Sponsorship is something I've been pondering for a while, I put a lot of love into this blog and as a student it would always be nice to have a few extra pennies in my pocket to buy the things I'm constantly rabbiting on about and lusting after. You can see their little icon on the right in the toolbar.But more to the point Charlotte, Molly and Adam know what is good. And 'good' comes in the form of denim dresses, Levis sneakers, 70s nudie nudie photography books and sailor boy sewing patterns. It's also worth having a little peruse of their blog Ou est la Discotheque (yes, the marrying of two discotheques is completely coincidental) which I personally like for the fact it combines thrifting guides, pistachio brownie recipes and tips about the best markets for weekend rambling. All things after my own heart.

PS, Darwin and Delilah are also offering us a 10% off their stock with the apt code 'DISCOTHEQUE'. Nice!


Claire M. said...

I love the vintage sneakers :)

ouestladiscotheque said...

Love it! Thanks Stevie :) xxx

F.I.G said...

I think its great that you've picked a sponsor that fits in so well with the aesthetic and overall mood of your blog, rather than just going for a bigger brand that would pay more. Other bloggers take note!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm gonna check out their blog! Love the denim dress on the pic ;)


Hannah R said...

Is that vintage top from Motel?! I'm the vintage picker for the shop (but I'm leaving to set up my own online shop). If it is, I'm so glad to see it's gone to a good home!
Hannah x

Lily said...

Incredible mix of images as always. I'm definitely toying around with the idea of introducing trainers into my wardrobe/life.