Wednesday, July 06, 2011

the week

 Some snaps from the past week:

1. My much loved kimono dressing gown.
2. Birkenstocks from eBay which are unfortunately too big-boo!
3. Lunch and Mark's Bread which is one of the best things about returning to Bristol.
4. Sleeveless denim dress.
5. American breakfast pancakes.
6. Brand new sandals from here, after my old ones gave up the ghost.
7. Me and Edward Cullen.
8. Sitting at the Bristol Docks.


Samantha said...

haha, bristol docks, snap!

Rebecca said...

omg love that rpatz cut out haha

María said...

I love your new sandals! I was looking for something similar but the link isn't working for me, where are they from,please?

Unknown said...

I have those birkenstocks in white. Summer staple for the last 4 years! I love them

ELLE said...

Love the one of you chilling with R Patz! Amazing Kimono too.

blue roses said...

birkenstocks have never quite been my jam, but that straw bag in the background of your picture looks incredible; been on the prowl for a large one for ages!

Michelle said...

Your boyfriend in pic 7 looks good ;-) love the Birks, its the shame they are too big as chunky sandals are definitely close to my heart!

- said...

love u with Edward! hahaha