Friday, July 15, 2011

white kirby mess

I can't for the life of me remember where it was I saw it, but at some point over the past week and during a mindless magazine flicking session the concept of haphazard white kirby grips slotted into my hair felt like a good idea. Now (this is where I rant off like an old relative desperate to recall a piece of information that has since become irrelevant, counting on each finger in the process..) it was either a photograph in the July Elle. Or am I thinking of Vogue? Then again a couple of old 2001 i-Ds have the current 'top spot' atop the magazine stack next to my toilet. Don't frown upon this. It is common knowledge that like scone pronounciation ('sc-gone'? 'sc-own'?) and indeed scone consumption (cream or jam first?) people can be divided into two camps: toilet readers and toilet frowners. I am not ashamed that I fall into the former, it is where great minds do their best thinking. Which I suppose means that I have a great mind and that white haphazard kirby grips are great thinking. Thank you, I'll take that.


Jazz Virtue said...

I very much enjoyed this rant :)
I also very much enjoy the look of the white kirby grips contrast to your hair colour! Parfait!

Anonymous said...

aaah your so pretty! ...what colour is your lipstick? i love it!

Cassie said...

I've seen that too, but can't for the life of me think where and now it's really bugging me!!

Acid Wallpaper said...

glad to read your confession of the former. i don't have reading material next to my own loo, instead finding it a massive treat when going to other people's houses who are pioneers of the toilet reading.

also, in h&m they've got salmon, turquoise and gold kirby grips in one packet that i thought would look just brilliant worn at the same time but instead looked (the bad kind of) childish and quite crap. still, yours look good and would with an all white outfit as well i reckon?