Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Death of Mr Kane

Oh dear god, no this can't be happening...

Its not, is it?

Oh, but it is!

why oh why oh why

Well, it was only going to be a matter of time before Victoria broke my heart by destroying something I love do dearly.

And look at her pairing of the dress with some matchy, matchy shoes.

"Hey, I can wear these shoes because they're red too."

I never thought I'd say this, purely for the sake of feminism really, but I wish she'd take the lead of the other Wags, and stop being so damn snobby. Can't she become the face of Asda or something like Coleen, rather than pursuing this image as a fashion icon which quite frankly, she never had.

Rock N Roll Love

Cute new couple alert! Miss Dunst seems to be doing well in the dating department at the moment, and shes being doing a good job of working her way though the indie kids. First Fabrizio, now Johnny!
[Although personally, I much prefer Fab because Johnny's fake american accent tendencies and "look at me in my stetson motherfuckerrr" attitude is a wee bit tiring. And also because I saw Fabrizio in the National Portrait gallery the day of the Brits last year, with his cute little italian mum in tow!]
But damn they look so hot together. They beat Kate and Pete in the Rock n Roll stakes anyway.
Hopefully Kiki will be spending more time in Dalston, its near my London crash pad! (Ahem, my aunty's flat..)
Pictures: popsugar and brownsfashion


Ella Gregory said...

im not that keen on johnny, he looks so aragont i want to slap him, but i do think him and kirsten make a well-dressed couple.
i am still missing adam and rachel being together. they always looked so damn cute.
and when i saw victoria in that dress a few days ago i was shocked she managed to get her hands on one, she must have a very sceeming PA. hopefully it wont do too much damage though.
thanks for the compliment on the blog, im always checking yours, its deffinately my favourite.

Mrs Fashion said...

Eeuwgh. Posh makes that dress look so cheap - and with the shoes! Hideous! (Bet she had a matching Gina clutch too... )

The thing about VB is tha she just tries too damn hard - she prob read that Kane was The Next Big Thing TM and therefore went into glazed-eye Must-Wear Mode. Not cool.

Oh well, at least she gives us something to giggle at...

Mrs F x

MarĂ­a said...

I prefer Fabrizio too!

Anonymous said...

Fabrizio is just so sexy and Posh is just trying so hard to be sexy.

Siobhan said...

oh no. she didn't. the dress is so wrong for victoria- she looks like a cheap tart and she squeezing her cleavage into it too. fashion disaster

alluretone said...

what's up with her boobs? it seriuosly looks likes she shoved melons in there! i loveee leigh lezark also, there's just something about her!

An (ex) alien in new york said...



she's butchering his pooor, poor designs. I want to beat her up.

Teresa said...

UUUGH Posh looks like a shlut, can't believe she ruined such a lovely dress with her SAD implants.
Now she's going to influence the States with her "style", when she moves to LA, oh dear.