Saturday, December 08, 2007

Advent Season: Day Eight
A Weekend Roundup.

Using the blustery weather as an excuse, today has been spent indoors, with me being blissfully lazy (yes, I'm still in my pyjamas). Have a peek at some of these fantastic posts that I know will inspire you and make you giggle as much as I did. Happy Saturday!

  • Heather pays tribute to those who are, er, paying tribute to Kind Wes.
  • Guess who Alexa gave the Best Dressed Crown too?
  • Insider advice from Roller Girl who banishes the Devil Wears Prada assosiations from the magazine life.
  • Gryphon has a giggle at just how much Lagerfeld loves a Rat.

And be sure to check out my December reading lists, for some fantastic blogs that will no doubt leave you excited.


Michelle said...

Hear hear, nautical fashion seems to be a permanent summer feature for lazy magazines, some stripes and a bit of rope in the background and you got a filler.

And enjoy you Saturday off! Now, more good blogs to read? Homework be damned, hehe..

Ella Gregory said...

days in pjs are the best
i love the best dressed post below by the way, i checked it out and forgot to comment it yesterday
x x x

Miss at la Playa said...

hi! thanks a lot for the comment in my blog! :)
I've been thinking on posting in english because so many english people read my blog and it is too difficult to understand spanish without the translator...

btw, I have added your blog to the link list at my blog... I'd be more than grateful if you added mine.


Tinsley said...

thank you for the mention :)
and the chanel rat thong...too funny, just too funny

María said...

I'm still at home in my pyjamas too...But don't tell anybody.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You always know what to read (and I'm not referring to my blog, but the others and the weekly wrap-up). I like the bundled up ladies in the image too and how all their faces are covered.

Aisha said...

Uh, I'm in pj's write now too, they're so comfy and yes, and sometimes i spend all day in pijamas =$

I love the first girl's latex leggings.

I love your read of the month list, although i don't know a couple of the sites you linked there, that's a reason to check them out ;)

Mónica said...

I've spent almost the whole weekend in my pyjamas, I didn't even go out saturday night, so don't be ashamed, hihi;)

Alexa said...

people with issues have never been hotter... did you see chanel's hair and makeup for their pre fall show? amy winehouse galore.