Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Season: Day Sixteen

I love you for URAQT

I apologise for the fact that what I had been fighting so hard against (depriving you of your 15th advent treat) happened.

But I really feel that my reason is very valid.
It's all because of M.I.A, really.

After four years of waiting, and being confined to dancing to her music only in my bedroom or when cooking in the kitchen, Maya Arulpragasam bought with plenty of energy and spandex, and ultimately a bloody good recipe for a bloody good saturday night.

For your pleasure only, I shall describe what she wore. Sit back and be inspired.

Naturally, a pair of her trademark patterned leggings (they are to her what jumpsuits are to Lovefoxx) and it is refreshing to know that she has worn them since before the fad turned sour and Lindsay Lohan continued to wear hers despite the objections, a pair of leather shorts, which has been joyfully and messily crafted from a pair of trousers, with an American Apparel style thong leotard underneath (but peeking) and topped off with a cropped orange vest, striped converse and rayban a-like shades. Nobody else can get away with wearing their sunglasses inside, I promise you.

Despite having released two mindblowing and undefinable (genre wise) albums which unashamedly induldge my inner bad dancer, there are still many who haven't had the pleasure of hearing her music.
I say that her music is undefinable because really, before she rolly-pollyed (through a t
reasure chest of tropic patterns and glitters) onto the scene in 2003 there wasn't anything quite like it. Music journos struggled to pigeon hole her, throwing around phrases like "political dancehall bhangra grime". Before she was known as a musician, she was an artist, and it's for this reason that her album artwork is often equally as pleasing the content.
If you really want some straight forward "fashion credentials" she is mates with Luella Bartley and houseshared with her when they both went to St Martins. But I was completely surprised upon learning about this.

As far as last night; absolutely fantastic, she urged the audience to join her on stage and those quick enough were up there for three songs, dancing and soaking up the incredible atmosphere spurred on by the diverse crowd.


Michelle said...

She is one of the few people that can mix patterns and look cool, not crazy. I wish I'd gone to see her play now, damn..

Lana said...

I dind't knew she went to St. Martins. But she's a person that would fit right in there!

Love her!

rice paper girl said...

M.I.A. is amazing! love how she's so wild and unafraid of being wild. i missed her concert when she came to chicago because it was all sold out :(

Unknown said...

MIA has the greatest style--she makes 90s throwback make sense, and work really well. I've been over my head in studies and finals and being rained in at my boyfriend's so I never got the chance to thank you for the linkage but I hope a belated thank you will do!

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

That's a very colorful wardrobe!

cotton candy said...

wow. just wow.

Bojana said...

Whattt?? You went to her concert??

OMG, so jealous!! You're really lucky. I'd really enjoy to see her live but she's not coming to Belgium anytime soon, I think. She should!!

And yeah, her music is so undefinable. Jimmy is my favorite, it sounds like an acid disco glitter kitschy Indian trip. Indeed, no words are good enough for her music. And her style is killer too.

I just love her. And you, for writing this.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

MIA is amazing. The song whose loop forms the basis of 'Jimmy' (incidentally, the original has the same name) is something you couldn't get away from hearing if you grew up in India anytime in the last twenty years, and is unimaginably corny, but she turns the most unbelievable things cool.
And yeah, I don't like the pigeonholing either. When I first heard of her two years ago, I was prepared for some rapping, but Galang just blew me away. And I love how outspoken she is, too.
She's one cool femme.

A. said...

oh so lucky! she is way cool!

oh god im sure i spend most of my money on glossies. glossies & coffee. really, i should be saving...

& to answer your question - i live in america, sadly.

& deak is my brother. haha :D