Sunday, December 09, 2007

advent season: day nine, rehab is for quitters

If you didn't cotton onto the fact that 2007 was the year of Rehab, god knows where you where.

Uh, unless you were in Rehab of course.

The return of a painfully skinny and even more drug dependant Amy Winehouse and the release of her now infamous song at the end of last year seemed to predict an issue that became somewhat a trend, with the LA It girls popping into Jail and Rehab for a bit of the action as if they were new happening clubspots.

The ever forward-thinking Vogue Italia published on-the-ball spreads this year, using not only youtube, but also, you guessed it, Rehab were used as inspiration.
The shoot, which you will already know was shot by the very seldom disappointing Steven Meisel featuring numerous worthy supermodels (Pivorova, check, Rayder, check, Van Seenus, check) was very reminiscent of Girl, Interrupted.

Dipicting unashamedly cool model addicts being dragged kicking and screaming by doctors or glamorously slumped in baths smoking seemingly harmless fags. The shoot playfully poked fun at the nonchalent attitude that young celebrities seem to have in regard to their addictions, while worryingly creating a gloriously fabulous fashion story that readers wanted to be part of.

Harpers used Sevigny as their "young starlet" who is preyed on by Paparazzos whilst staying in Rehab, in the unoriginally titled fashion editorial "Tried to make me go to Rehab".

The shoot, with a more modern feel, and with less of the 1960's straightjacket, mental illness and electric shock connotations that Vogue Italia's shoot had, was bizarely similar to some of the real life rehab shots taken on the
summer of Ms Lindsay Lohan. Rehab is another topic that seems to have been trivialised by the media this year, so understandibly Meisel's "Supermods Enter Rehab" shoot raised more than a few eyebrows.

However, I am of the opinion that fashion is fashion and will inevitably manage to take the most gritty or unsuitable subjects and turn them into something glamorous (Um, W Magazine and that overtly controversial "Into The Woods" spread, anyone?)

Underage drinking, vodka stowed away in Red Bull Cans, personal trainers, drunken candids, it's all part of celebrity life, you know..


Ella Gregory said...

I think I might go along to rehab
I'd only do a Blair though, turn up and leave withhin an hour
I think it needs to be done though, I must stay in fashion hahaha
I like haven't seen this shoot, it all links to the Harpers one and the Duran Duran video
who was your favourite rehaber???
You know Demi Moore went to rehab in the 80's, so maybe in 20 years we'll forget about Lindsay's antics?

Bojana said...

Amazing post.
You're very clever.

And those pictures are delightfully and trashily shocking and glam. I love them.

Ana said...

i love the italia vogue rehab shoot.

rehab is the new black after all.

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

Love the eds with original themes. This one rocks

Lauren said...

i really love this shoot! genius! i wish more american magazines could be more bold
:) said...

quite zeitgeist ed. And fun.
Great post as always, I love your blog!

A. said...

two of the best editorials this year, for sure.

"into the woods" & "supermods go to rehab"

back in august, i also made my own post about it.

uber fabulous. XO

A. said...

oh & love the video!
so glad harpers has their own site now, no? ;]

alluretone said...

i can't believe going to rehab became a trend! the vogue italia shoot was amazing, have you seen their new issue- it's amazinggg.

p.s- had her listed as clemence, but who knows!

Anonymous said...

haha love it!

Anonymous said...

haha love it!

Ana said...

yeah im not sure were Iek is...for someone with such great looks she dosen't seem to get a lot of coverage.

Flavia Flanders said...

nice production!!

-S said...

sasha has the perfect face. she can be just about anything with a moments notice.

Kendra said...

what an amazing shoot
who knew rehab could look so good. almost makes me want to grab myself a two six...almost

Héloïse J. said...

fashion makes it perfect. this beautiful presentation of 'ugly' things is sometimes disturbing..

Miss at la Playa said...

and there is also the duran duran clip...

riz said...

I agree with Heloise, I really liked this rehab spread, i thought it was very in your face - a salute to amy winehouse.

The Spicers said...

Rehab has never looked so stylish! (And I've been there) But I loved the Meisel editorial, just brilliant, almost enough to make me consider going back...