Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mutton skin and other ways to ruin your worthy model reputation.

If you've seen anything lately than screams mutton dressed as lamb more than this please let me know.

I don't know how Roberto Cavalli does it, it really amazes me, he seems to have this unstoppable knack of making even the most beautiful women look like grubby divorcees, the embarrassing scantily clad older woman at a party who, on the prowl for a young toyboy throws herself at everyone and flirts with husbands in front of their wives.

Is this who the Dubai market is trying to appeal these days?

Daria is only 24 and get looks awkward and incredibly past it. Don't you think she has that "dancing on tables the night before" look to her skin?
Greedy girls, you should have known not to be part of his campaign.

On the other hand, the SS08 adverts for Louis Vuitton are rather pleasing. The backdrop of primary coloured cars from the nineteen seventies popping with models including Ninties supers Naomi, Eva and Yawnia Schiffer giggling sexily on the bonnets, very matter of fact. "Yes, this is my car, it is how I lie on it.
Oh? My bag? It's Vuitton."

PS, Excuse the header, the formating for the whole of the blog seems to be misbehaving in general. I shall arm myself with chocolates and mulled wine and attempt to solve the problem.


A. said...

"my bag? its vuitton." :D

i'm liking the new LV ads, cavalli not so much.

his h&m line was highly disappointing.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You are so right! The Vuitton ads get it, the Cavalli ads don't even know what "it" is, much less how to acheive it. Poor Daria. A model must model.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've never been a big fan of cavalli, most of his fashions are over the top and don't appeal to me. LV really hit the nail on the head this time, the pictures are beautiful!!


Unknown said...

not even the industry's uber selective can salvage this: sexed up cheeseclothed senoritas...over a cityskyline? wtf! nyhoo glad to see your on the mend!

probs wont be back soon, so have a very merry gud 'un!


Ella Gregory said...

Roberto Cavalli is an odd one
some of his clothes don't look too bad on their own but paired with one of its fellow Cavalli's it just looks 'heeeedidous'
The advert looks like it cost $20 to make, love the LV ads though!
Have a great Christmas MK!!!!
x x x x x

Ella Gregory said...

p.s looking at it again it reminds me of Mariah Carey album art work, no?

Héloïse J. said...

hahaha! definitely about cavalli's ads. :D (noway! this text you've written is hilarious!) yes on the contrary LV's ones are to the point. they have at least nice colours!

Bojana said...

Whatever, I love Cavalli.

AND those Vuitton ads are eye candyyy

Off to make Christmas cookies :)
Love xoxo

K. said...

I think the Cavalli style kind of works on the runway- you know, va va voom models strutting down some grand production with elaborate props in bikinis, animal prints and metallics... take it off and it becomes a whole different matter!

The Louis ads are sizzling: you have no idea how glad I am to see models in their campaigns again!

Kat said...

Eughh, Roberto Cavalli, just why? Beyond tacky, and so right it does make people look like grubby divorcees!

Those LV ads look quite fun, Eva looks amazing.

Chocolate and mulled wine is always a good way to solve any problem! Merry Christmas!

Aisha said...

Well, not a Cavalli's huge fan. I didn't even like his collection for h&m. And yeah, i hadn't seen that advertisement but, it actually sucks. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton definitely has much better campaign ads.


Lana said...

Ho's that's what Cavalli makes out of these gorgeous models!

Gotta praise the Nineties models for posing in a super add and not choosing for thát Cavalli add!

Tinsley said...

Oh no that is actually the most god awful campaing I have seen in my life - good call on that
I can't imagine how anybody could make Daria and Kate look ugly...

Merry early Christmas !

Siru said...

Cavalli has never done the thing for me. LV seems to be heading strongly at the way of Tom Ford. _Very_ sexy.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas

::muse:: said...

ditto about cavalli.i actually like the new is new right?

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

I like the LV, the Cavalli not so much.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Hope you had a good one;)

Aisha said...

Heey (: hope your Xmas was great.
I left an awards for you at my site

cotton candy said...

lol! you're so funny! and yes! i love the lv ads too!! they're so colouful, bright and happy.

Elizabeth said...

i love the louis vuitton ads! bright colours can never go wrong.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

I was expecting another round of greasy sexuality from Cavalli but I can settle for drunken flirts..

Mónica said...

I love LV ads, they are so different to the previous ones with Scarlett and old this good-girl stuff. However, I cannot say anything about else Cavalli, Only God knows why he is in the fashion industry! so... what can I say about his ads? so horrible as his clothes.

Allecra&Sage said...

Cavalli = gross
LV = glamour

Mash said...

cavalli is horrible for me blehhhhhhh and vuitton is chic but why claudia ?????? because she needs money !!!!!!

Patent Shoes && Rants said...


Now that you draw my attention to it- All of his models do look older.

Ahahahaha. Oh gosh that's funny.


alluretone said...

wow that cavalli ad is horrible... i like the vuitton ads, esp the one with natalia.

Allecra&Sage said...

Yeah,,i think it shows that I absolutely adore him (or her??)

he has that certain je ne sais quoi, and whatever he does can not be judged as plain stencil graffiti .. no, it's art,everything he makes has an ironic or sarcastic deep meaning that makes me laugh because he is genious.

so..yeah Im a fan of Bansky and I was surprised because never before had I seen that that I think of it though it wasnt him so anyway..would you like to trade links?

and if it isnt too much too ask for could you please send me that photo? id like to add it to my collage book ; thx !!!

xxx Allecra

Miss at la Playa said...

sometimes I think if Rob does that (being so un-stylish) on purpose

A. said...

oh i am so glad you were able to find such a lovely vintage (!) fur

im sure it was the most perfect early christmas present.

do send me a photo or better yet post about it - i would love to see. <3

hope you had a lovely holiday & am feeling much much better!

love, abby

Maria said...

I don't like the LV ads either...I&Vs work is getting over-repetitive, models are really not giving all they could, except Steph.

Style Spot said...

Hey sweetie ! Wow, it's been a LONG time since I wrote you a comment, but I want you to know that I followed your advent calendar and been addicted to it just the same way as Carrie Bradshaw is addicted to Manolos ;)

I was so upset to hear that you thought Style Spot had died..and even more gutted when I saw that it is no longer on your blogger list. What must I do to get back on that list? I reassure you that Style Spot never only takes LONG coffee breaks ;P

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I can't wait to read your new posts!!