Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advent Season: Day Thirteen
Model Behaviour. "They're real people?"

(these short clips are actually worthy of your time..)

And there was me casting Lily and Gemma off as Vogued-out and bland.

Just for giggles. For one day only.
Lily looking remotely fun and unpublic schoolish.
And Gemma, well making me miss her a little.
Thank God they had Hilary there.
But do they almost lose it towards the end?

you have to see this, it'll brighten your day!
what is it with Stam? Clumsy girl, she just proves that even pretty people fuck over (and look bloody stupid at the same time.)


Mash said...

omg thank you sooooo much for those funny videos , you made my day ! :)
i love the way stam fall down ahahah

Bojana said...

HAAHAHA Stam!! Haha great

Siru said...

did it for me :D

juliet xxx

Eva. said...

the first one is hilarious!

Miss at la Playa said...

stam's falls are famous! haha
she's so cute...

Michelle said...

Haha, amazing, I don't normally see models outside the context of magazines or catwalks so I sometimes forget they have fun(!) too. And is it just me or is the effect of Crazy in Love universal, evertime I hear it I can't help but dance.

Lana said...

The Destiny Models :P. Hilarous! And Stam? Whooops!!

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

I loved the Stam video she's just so down to earth in it and so clumsy just like me

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Hmm...despite the misleading videos to the contrary I still do not believe models are human. These videos (though hilarious) are further evidence of their superior nature trying to fool us mortals into thinking them "human," this one mortal whoever shall not be fooled...oh no.

Jackie said...

those videos are completely hilarious

riz said...

I like it when models can be down to earth - quite the opposite from say - NAOMI CAMPBELL or someone. (Sorry resentment coming out now...)

A. said...

bananas really do make the best microphones ;]

Ella Gregory said...

The first one is really funny
great finds
x x x

Lola said...

Diane Kruger has the best style! I wish I had her wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

what? the first video is so racist. why are they dressing up as black people?

did the photographers think that actual black models weren't good enough for the obviously black-people themed shoot?

this reminds me of early drama because the men dressed up as even women because they thought that women weren't good enough to act (and that they sucked).

and the bananas is like insult to injury "black people aren't good enough to be models and they are also monkeys."

that first video is a whole lot of "WHAT THE FUCK were they thinking?"

Pret a Porter P said...

hmmm somewhere naomi campbell is throwing her cell phone at someone for that 1st video.
white girls, with afros and loads of self tanner, with bananas...????

Anonymous said...

Pretty people... they got no spine... their art never lasts