Friday, October 17, 2008

bon anniversaire!


come on everyone, give it up for our favourite north carolinan.
raise your drinking devices, be it a cuppa tea or the finest champagne.

and dance around to goldfrapp in stupidly high shoes.
have a good one, my lovely.

the time and the place, is 10.17 (hee..)



A. said...
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A. said...

ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness!

darling, thank you so much! heehee this is too too sweet of you!

really. if only you were coming over later for my petite soiree. sigh. next year perhaps? ;]

loads + loads of love xxxx

ps, such old pictures of me (sans frapp) haha. my my, ill get some new ones for you lot this weekend for sure!

Anonymous said...

Your friend Abby really looks like Chloë Sevigny ;)
Happy birthday, Abby

Meghan and Lana said...

Yaaaaaay! We luuuurve Abby!!
xoxoxo Happiest Birthday!

R said...

who is this Abby and where will I run into her? NC here.