Sunday, October 05, 2008

we all like inspiration

she has pretty cool style; i think you'll like it.
shame she doesn't have a blog.
maybe we should peer pressure her into it?..
from hannah sider at lookbook.

and ps, this "bloglovin" business is taking off, don't you think? a nifty way of flicking through the updates of your favourite blogs without the hassle of having a million windows up at once.
so, if you want to be one of my "followers" (but penny lane style groupies, if it's us talking!) then click right heree


A. said...

that first photo is ahmazing!

i must recreate that outfit - now!


Anonymous said...

why not use google reader?

Bojana said...

Haaa I love that bloglovin thing, I just signed up and fo sho will bloglove/follow yours hah

Meghan and Lana said...

a fellow canadian! and that's toronto behind her, i think.

Chantelle said...

yes i love that girl! she's from toronto! and i'm obsessed with her style. Did you notice have of her outfits were created with under 25-30 bucks!?

Hannah Sider said...

it's hannah! and i now have a blog ;)

Anonymous said...
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