Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the style files; ashleigh

over to australia and a peek at ashleigh, who is so much of an alexander wang fan, that she coined the much-needed phrase "wangster". the queen of knee socks and minimal accessories, she writes for her blog 'love ashleigh', and despite being a newbie already has an impressive following.

I'm a real blog stalker. I love personal fashion blogs and street style blogs like the Face Hunter. I like to see evidence that the look can be created by everyday people, but with that I do take inspiration from the runways and make it my own. Oh and then there's my dirty little secret obsession with celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen.
Mary Kate Olsen, Lou Doillon and Erin Wasson. I'd love to run with that crew. I love their scruffiness and the rock and roll edge that they hold over the world.
I usually find that stores that mass manufacture are a gold mine for season disposables. Aussie chain stores like Bardot, Sportsgirl, General Pants and Cotton On. Also American Apparel. I love vintage but I don't make it a regular thing. And then there are the real gold mines like Target and Kmart.

I really, really dispise drugs. But I love drug films. My all time favourites are Blow and Candy, which is an Australian film with Heath Ledger. It's amazing.
"Indie" is a massive deal in Australia, especially in Melbourne. People are influenced by music more than runways at the moment.
My ideal job would be to write for a magazine. I am studying media and communications which focuses on journalism and P.R, but as I'm enveloped by this world of fashion, I'm thinking of studying fashion next and then hopefully head into the fashion journalism industry.
My leather jacket is my saviour. I've worn it to absolute death, it just suits everything and adds that extra bit of edge when I'm feeling too girly girl.
I'm a bit of a bohemian rocker. I like to mix the two worlds. I like to team girly with tough. I was always a tomboy and I feel totally out of place without some edge.
Us Aussiesare moving into the warmer weather so I think that a key piece in my wardrobe will definitely be a good pair of denim cuts offs, as interesting as that sounds(!) they can be the groundwork for all different types of outfits.
Kings of Leon's new album 'Only By the Night' and MGMT "Oracular Spectacular".
I'm the lazy sort. Some breakfast in the sunshine at my favorite café, followed by some shopping, strolling and then either home or a quirky bar for a glass of wine.
Teleportation! I am always running late so it would definitely help.

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leeselooks said...

she is a beautiful friend.

she is such a beauty + has the biggest heart.

thanks for this.


ps- ahh i only found your blog now! love it!!!

rahelitasway said...

I wish for this ability almoust every day/night.
what would be better after a long night out, than teleporting yourself directly into bed.
...and on your "way" home yo take a shower.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a great interview. and much like ashleigh, i am very influenced by other bloggers and their style and she's now one of them!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Ashleigh's blog is amazing! great interview !

Anonymous said...

oo she's awesome, must check her blog out!

Barred Girls said...

lovely choice :)

María said...

She has the most amazing Anita Pallenberg-esque (how weird does that sound??) fur coat!

yiqin; said...

Ah brilliant. I like how you do your interviews too :)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

She seems cool. I'm definitely checking her blog out.


Great pick.
I love her blog.
She reminds me of Whitney Port! ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

Unknown said...

your blog is one of my favourites!!!

Anonymous said...

she is great! i love her outfits.

and i lovee your blog!
do you wanna trade links?

simimoon said...

lvoe her style!

meliindaa. said...

i adore her style, and this was also a great interview! thanks for this post :]
do you want to link?

Dakota77 said...

Thanks for the interview! I love Ashleigh's style:-)

Siru said...

I've never heard of her, but she is stunning.

juliet xxx

Abby said...

Gosh! I love this lady!

Great post. Great blog too by the way! I hadn't been here before now and am very impressed.

Style Spot said...

Great interview by you. I love Ashleigh!

AlicePleasance said...

She's fab :-)

ashleigh said...

it's so wonderful thanks so much Stevie you're such a gem :) I love how you've laid it out :)

Anna Pope said...

She's amazing!

Anonymous said...
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