Sunday, October 05, 2008

one cigarette, and the transformation is complete

guess what!? there is a cigarette in one of the editorials in the latest issue of elle uk!
forgive me if you're shrugging your shoulders and grunting "who cares", but um, doesn't this feel rather significant? 2008 has been the year in which editor lorraine candy has worked wonders on the magazine, transforming it into a high fashion publication with directional editorials and injecting some much needed edge into the mainstream fashion magazine.

the editorials are
stunning and dareisayit..? "dramatic finish" by Ye Young Kim is a rather reminiscent of Vogue Paris.

Photographer Andrew Woffinden. Stylist Ye Young Kim. Model Martha Hunt.

Photographer Steen Sundland. Stylist Anne-Marie Curtis. Model Zuzanna Gregorova.

my own scans, please credit if you believe in karma! it took bloody ages do.

15 comments: said...

That's quite naughty of Lorraine because all UK mags are staunchly against smoking in fashion editorials. That said, I do think holding a fag looks cool! Esp in fashion shoots.

Did you see the Lorraine Candy piece in Observer Woman today?
It's about how she wore high street to the LFW shows. TBH it was pretty lame cos she admitted that she couldn't find anything fashiony enough to wear on one of the days and you just think, hang on, you're a size 8 and have access to the best high street stores in the world. And you're the editor of a fash mag, how could you not find ANYthing!!

young-shields said...

ooh smoking is badbad, but in editorials it just seems so right..?

i do love elle uk. it woops british vogue's ass in every way.

oh, and it was a disposable camera!

y-s x

emsie said...

i loved these two editorials. elle has been giving us some amazing stuff lately

Anonymous said...

oh shit smoking in an editorial?? next thing you know they're going to have crack head sheik features.

Miss at la Playa said...

I'm thinking about suscribing to Elle UK... i love that mag so much!!

A. said...

now if only kate can take over & do the same for US elle...

american magazines are such a drag (no pun intended - haa)

amazing editorials as well. UK elle is definitely one of my favourites.


Anonymous said...

wow, your're right. Really stunning editorials, espcially the opennings.
Elle UK is great. You should see Spanis one... :(

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

yeaaah, you should see spanish one.

Kat said...

I must admit that editorial dramatic finish looks really fantastic. Btw you might remember i was ranting about elle last month, turns out i bought it later and really enjoyed the edition! I didn't love the editorials but there was plenty of other stuff to keep me happy! these on the other look very good.
its terrible to say but smoking in editorials always works.

dw said...

just got my elle in the postbox the other day and couldn't agree more. i especially love the subscribers covers with none of that innane what's-inside nonsense.

Unknown said...

O my!

'Dramatic Finish' is excitingly paris vogue-y... but still super slick like the brand spanking uk elle aesthetic has been...just perfect.

It says so much more about british fashion than the slightly-chintzy Vogue UK (although November's issue looks a bit edgier).

And to think, around a year ago they might have had like, Jordan or Kelly Brook on the cover!


Siru said...

I do think Elle UK is a good fashion bible, far better than Vogue US, might I say.

juliet xxx

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

Well, the first pic is very chic and we can't denied the fact that when fashion first appeared it was all about the star image a la Hollywood (who looked glam glam in pics with cigarettes), and models walked in the catwalks with cigarettes in their hands (like in jean paul gaultier early 90's shows)

mapetiteamy said...

I wish US fashion magazines had a bit more edge...and by a bit I mean a lot!

Anonymous said...
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