Saturday, October 25, 2008

like she writes in her diary

zoe over at sick. just posted a little alice dellal interview.
and asked the readers to offer their own responses to the questions.
which inspired me to ask you some questions as a way of learning a bit more about my lovely readers (and lurkers, please do comment too!) and also so that we can spread the love for, well, our loves.

so let's have a little group bonding session and fill out the questions below.

style icon:
your style:
where do you see yourself in five years?
perfect day:
current job:
dream job:

i'll add my own into the mix at some point
happy saturday!


Eyeliah said...

Ok, I'll bond, let's see....
style icon: cahnges daily but lets say Zooey Deschanel
food: cupcakes
model: still Kate Moss
perfume: Angel
book: magazine, Jane
film: Amelie
designer: Alexander McQueen
band: The Killers
city: New York Baby!
your style: Girly Nerd
shop: Secondhand shops
where do you see yourself in five years? still in Vancouver
perfect day: beach, bbq, friends, then play a gig.
current job: Accounting
dream job: Stylist

Sage said...

style icon: Kate Nash
food: Spinach and feta quiche
model: Agyness Deyn
perfume: L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani
book: Touching From A Distance
film: Control or Trainspotting
designer: Karen Walker
band: Metronomy
city: Wellington
your style: ........
shop: Texas Radio
where do you see yourself in five years? Ahhh university? Music journalism?
perfect day: Listening to music, drinking champagne by the pool with a friend
current job: Wroking at a shop called "Serious Fun"
dream job: Wife of Brandon Flowers or Alex Turner, working for Frankie, Nylon, or NME

Sage said...

style icon: Kate Nash
food: Spinach and feta quiche
model: Agyness Deyn
perfume: L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani
book: Touching From A Distance
film: Control or Trainspotting
designer: Karen Walker
band: Metronomy
city: Wellington
your style: ........
shop: Texas Radio
where do you see yourself in five years? Ahhh university? Music journalism?
perfect day: Listening to music, drinking champagne by the pool with a friend
current job: Wroking at a shop called "Serious Fun"
dream job: Wife of Brandon Flowers or Alex Turner, working for Frankie, Nylon, or NME

Lucy said...

style icon: Wednesday Addams
food: Coffee.
model: Freja Beha
perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
book: Kitchen, by Banana Yoshimoto.
film: The Virgin Suicides
designer: I like a bit of everything, especially Luella.
band: Cat Power, CocoRosie, The Kills.
city: Auckland
your style: I know, but it sounds wanky putting it into words. Maybe Wednesday Addams meets Cat Power, perhaps.
shop: Salvation Army
where do you see yourself in five years?: being an illustrator or graphic designer.
perfect day: magazines, coffee, doing some photocopying, thrifting, then a gig later.
current job: library shelver/music teacher/student
dream job: making design work i'm proud of! not selling out, pretty much.

kate said...

style icon: old ladies/ the duchess of windsor
food: pad thai
model: karen elson
perfume: 'poision' essential oil
book: 'the fountainhead' by ayn rand
film: death proof
designer: alexander wang
band: joni mitchell/ fleet foxes
city: cincinnati/ chicago
your style: is my style
shop: thrift stores
where do you see yourself in five years?: working at a museum
perfect day: being busy!
current job: hostess at a four-star restaurant and museum worker
dream job:

kate said...

oops! i left out dream job:

-curator at a large museum or personal stylist/assistant.

bohobum said...

my answers
style icon:mary-kate (I know it's cliche but for good reason

food:pistachio anything
tacos-cow tongue & spicy pork, extra cilantro

model: luke worrell

perfume:my natural musk

book:the portrait of dorian gray (one of them, it's the first book I saw when I looked left)

film:science of sleep (one of-I'm gael garcia fixated, lately)

designer:lagerfeld's been on the mind (I have trouble dissociating him from fakekarl)

band: counting crows(first band I loved)

city: aurora, naperville, chicago, new york, paris

your style: eclectic, balanced

shop: forever 21

where do you see yourself in five years? bar tending at a quaint parisian pub-auditioning auditioning, auditioning-missing family-loving the new people in my life-looking chic

perfect day:sunlight flitting through the curtains-good morning kisses-cartoons-perform perfect matinee-lunch; delicious NEW entree, favorite dessert-aimlessly street walking with friends, stoned-party, drinks, jokes, games-head home with certain someone

current job: meh

dream job: actor

now my brother's answers-just cause

style icon:doug heffernan

food:tacos with cilantro & lime

model: gisele bundchen

perfume:acqua di gio

book:thomas covenant

film:the dark knight

designer:william levi

band:counting crows


your style:two words:doug heffernan

shop:H&M ("I've never been there but I've gotta say-it's pretty great")

where do you see yourself in five years?at the foundry watching a ufc match

perfect day:wake at 8:00 am, enjoy a nice wendy's breakfast burrito, see the cowboys win, watch a good movie, and top it off with a nice dinner

current job: not applicable

dream job:working in bristol connecticut for espn as a faxboy making 50,000 a year

Anonymous said...

Heres mine

Food Curry
Model Ill always love Kate Moss
Perfume Pommegrante Noir Jo Malone
Book All that glitters
Film I love you to death
Designer Matthew Willamson
Band Kasabian
City New york
Your style Girly Boho slightly scruffy
Shop Topshop
IN 5 years........Well travelled and successful
Perfect day.....Shopping in london then out for dinner
Current job senior design for a bag company
Dream job....head designer for a better bag company.

whole in. said...

Here you go!
style icon:Emmanuelle Alt/Audrey Hepburn/ Erin Wasson/Chloe Sevigny
food: Almond Croissant
model: Erin Wasson/Magdalena Frackowiak
book: The Great Gatsby or Catcher in the Rye
film: the virgin suicides
designer: hmmm i dont think i can pick!
band: daft punk
city: sydney, paris
your style: changes
shop: ebay
where do you see yourself in five years?
perfect day:reading magazines on a sunny balcony with tea then followed by a late lunch then drinks with friends, whilst seeing an awesome bank.
current job: sales assistant
dream job: stylist/director/singer.

whole in. said...

awesome bank lol i meant awesome band!

Anonymous said...

A bit of bondning right across the Atlantic ocean :P.

style icon: random people dressing a bit excentric and inspired
food: choclat (well... Haha), otherwise tacos is always a sure hit
model: hm... Moss ofc, but that is such a unoriginal answer
perfume: Versace's bright chrystal
book: All Harry Potter!
film: The holiday
designer: Haven't got a favourite actually
band: right now I listen a lot to the Swedish band The Sounds.
city: Gävle, Sweden at the moment :)
your style: fashionable with a personal excentric twist
shop: H&M. I'm a total H&M junki!
where do you see yourself in five years? Working with someting to do with language, perhaps author, journalist or such, and having found myself a nice dude I hope haha. Basically happy, that is my goal!
perfect day: Most days! Any day spent shopping, partying, hanging about in the couch with my family and an unlimited amount of candy
current job: I'm a college/uni student
dream job: Author! Or actually model, but I know my limits (sort of haha)

dw said...

alrighty then, let's begin (though i am really bad at choosing favorites, so there is a lot of multiples...)

style icon: mk olsen, zooey deschanel and my friend dory
food: nutella, but i rarely allow myself to eat it because it always ends badly
model: coco rocha
perfume: dolce gabbana the one
book: Confederacy of Dunces
film: empire records, harold and maude, annie hall, manhatten, alice in wonderland, when harry met sally ... is that too many?!
designer: marc jacobs, A.P.C.
band: Cat Stevens
city: London!
your style: pure nonsense ( /girly-sleepy-askew)
shop: antique markets in east london
where do you see yourself in five years? i hope to have a better idea of what i want...
perfect day: going out for a big (american!) breakfast (eggs, pancakes, syrup, coffee), visiting secondhand bookstores, getting more coffee and a stack of magazines at borders, visiting a gallery, dinner in chinatown, and a movie at the end, either at home or in the cinema..(oh and throw a little impromptu shopping in there)
current job: law student - full effing time
dream job: not lawyer. journalist of an interesting sort.

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

i love doing this "interviews"

style icon: any blogger.
food: anything with chocolate:D
model: anja rubik
perfume: madmoiselle
book: the shadow of the wind
film: almost famous
designer: alexander wang/ christopher decarnin
band: the ting tings/mgmt/good charlotte
city: valencia (spain) :D
your style: colorful in winter, dark in summer
shop: Zara
where do you see yourself in five years?: in the university
perfect day: saturday
current job: studing
dream job: editor in chief of my own mag/ fashion designer/ these-girls-that-go-to-the-fashion-shows-because-of-being-nothing-and-that-are-photographied-by-jak-and-jill.


Beba said...

style icon: kate moss and the paris vogue team!!!
food: pasta
model: kate moss
perfume: for her by n. rodriguez
book: confusion of feelings by stefa zweig
film: eternal sunshine of the spotlless mind
designer: ricardo tisci and isabel marant
band: (currently) mgmt and blonde redhead
city: paris
your style: all black
shop: highstreet shops
where do you see yourself in five years? wish i knew. probably working at some big company.
perfect day: holidays with my boyfriend
current job: student
dream job: singer definitely (if i had the voice- which i dont!!)/ actress/ member of the vogue team :P

haha! that was cool. i had some good time ;)

Anonymous said...

style icon: Karla from karlascloset / Kirsten Dunst / Diane Kruger
food: sushi / cheesecake
model: Anja Rubik / Ginta Lapina
perfume: Ange ou Demon, Givenchy / in2u CK
book: Kitchen by Yoshimoto Banana (sorry, Lucy! but it's great to finally see someone else loves this book as much as I do :)) / Pokalanie by Piotr Czerwiński / all HP books
film: oh, boy... I have a list of 17 films I'm absolutely obssesed with, but I doubt there is anyone else who has watched English Patient more than 100 times (I'm not kidding) and can qoute the ENTIRE movie... + I Am Dina / LOTR films / Munich / The Royal Tenenbaums / Lost In Translation / Marie Anoinette / Pan's Labirynth / Brokeback Mountain / Dark Blue World / Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease / ...
designer: Christopher Decarnin / Charlotte Ronson
band: Franz Ferdinand
city: London / Prague / Warsaw
your style: clean with one quirky piece + quirky accessories (much like Karla's :))
shop: I'm sorry, but H&M is my absolute guilty pleasure... / big bookshops
where do you see yourself in five years? hopefully really enjoying myself and loving what I do
perfect day: anyday spent with my family, no alarm to wake me up, nice breakfast, shopping, Starbucks, movies, dinner with white wine, just lounging, no deadlines, meeting nice people, beach... oh, and Chelsea winning CL! ;)
current job: banking&international finance student :) but I'm starting my part-time job at Gucci...
dream job: footbal journalist... freelance writer... but mostly: running my own restaurant. But quite frankly I'll be happy with any job that provides me enough money to fulfil my dreams - I want to travel the world and be able to spoil my family with presents :)


1) LAuren Hutton
2) Italian food
3) Christy turlintong, Eugenia silva
4) Cloé
5) Seda
6) Blade Runner
7) O de la Renta/Armani
8) Placebo
9) PAris/NY
10) Depends of the day
11) Unknow shops
12) Ufffffffffff
13) M/T/W/T:::every day could be perfect

young-shields said...

style icon: olsen twins at large, but many others
food: munchies, do they count?
model: i love the stam
perfume: marc jacobs daisy
book: brideshead revisited
film: howl's moving castle
designer: personality-wise, i love vivienne! i love too many designers. how about marc jacobs?
band: toughie. of montreal?
city: london
your style: in development.
shop: topshop, just like everyone else in the country. ai.
where do you see yourself in five years? finishing english literature at uni, hopefully with a bright future ahead of me or having been lucratively discovered as a musical talent.
perfect day: with friends after a great night, just talking about it for hours with tea and cakes, while watching shows like supermarket sweep and 'when animals get angry'
current job: student. have been looking for a weekend job FOREVER. employ me?
dream job: editor at large for a magazine.

i think i may post this on my blog too! y-s x

aindrea said...

style icon: peaches geldof
food: lindt lindor truffles or thai food.
model: lara stone
perfume: coco madamoiselle or chanel no. 5
book: chasing harry winston or gossip girl (guilty pleasure.)
film: breakfast at tiffanys or the devil wears prada.
designer: abigail lorick.
band: black kids.
city: NY, Paris or London
your style: can't describe. so diverse.
shop: topshop vintage/boutique.
where do you see yourself in five years? interning at a really good fashion magazine/design house and starting my BA in fashion design at central saint martins.
perfect day: at home with thai, lindt lindor an my favourite girlies watching my fave film. OR london fashion week.
current job: high school student/freelance fashion journalist
dream job: fashion design/fashion journalist/fashion pr.


Mon Chér said...

style icon: Everyday people I see on the street/internet
food: Cupcakes
model: Gemma Ward
perfume: Dior Midnight Poison
book: 'Thirteen' by Candace F. Ransom
film: Marie Antoinette
designer: No clue
band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
city: Melbourne or New York
your style: is indefinable
shop: Op-shops, chain stores
where do you see yourself in five years? I don't know what the future holds
perfect day: Day in the city
current job: Student baby
dream job: Writing something people appreciate

Cheryl said...

style icon: currently it’s Camille from Childhood Flames (which my friends make fun of me about because she’s younger than me, but the girl looks good!) but it’ll probably revert back to Mary Kate Olsen or Sofia Coppolla
food: Middle Eastern food!
model: Erin Wasson/Daria Werbony
perfume: Narciso Rodriguez/Issey Miyake homme (I think that’s what it’s called)
book: Lolita/Perfume/The Virgin Suicides
film: Lost in Translation/Marie Antoinette/Almost Famous
designer: it changes, but right now I adore Miu Miu
band: Death Cab for Cutie
city: Bangkok
your style: currently, luxe hippie chic(?) but it changes
shop: I prefer second hand markets
where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t even know where I’ll be next month, let alone in five years
perfect day: eating grilled mushrooms and drinking orange juice in bed on a cloudless morning, shopping on Collins Street and then having sushi at my favorite lunch spot, and then spending the rest of the late afternoon drinking Kirin beer with my best friends at our usual bar, then clubbing
current job: student
dream job: fashion designer/graphic designer/stylist/luxury travel show host

Anonymous said...

style icon: alexa chung/kirsten dunst
food: mexican. but then again you can't beat some good ole bangers and mash
model: jessica stam
perfume: Valentino's Rock&Rose OR Coco Chanel
book: too many to list
film: Virgin Suicides
designer: Marc Jacobs/Miuccia Prada
band: Kings of Leon
city: New York
your style: always changing
shop: Topshop/H&M
where do you see yourself in five years? doing something I love
perfect day: pyjama day with my closest friends, watching my favourite films, followed by a night of dancing to a mishmash of electro and hiphop with a Chicken Royale from BK before falling into bed
current job: business reporter and freelancer
dream job: fashion journo or editor of my own magazine featuring everything I love (kind of an Irish Lula)

Lou said...

style icon: Paris Voguettes, MK, the people on the Cobrasnake
food: sushi!! And cakes/Cupcakes/Cookies
model: Sheila Marquez, Anja Rubik, Erin Wasson
perfume: Armani Sensi, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Miss Dior Cherie
book: Elegance, The Da Vinci Code, All you need to be impossibly French
film: Notebook, Lords of Dogtown, Oceans 11, SATC, Love me if you dare
designer: Alex Wang, Balenciaga, Chloe
band: The Killers, Babayshambles, Strokes, Bloc Party, Shwayze
city: NY, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Singapore, Tokio
your style: boho/hippie or rock-chic. Depends on my mood
shop: H&M, Zara, Topshop, Primark!
where do you see yourself in five years? In Paris. Or NY
perfect day: Breakfast in the sun, day in the park with my friends, nice dinner/clubbing at night
current job: student
dream job: CEO of major high fashion brand thankyouverymuch

Anonymous said...

style icon: lou doillon
food: pesto on bread
model: sigrid agren
perfume: a small vanilla perfume from the body shop
film: the dreamers, pauline a la plage
designer: oh.. someone scandinavian or french.
band: can't decide. could be anything from joy division to trentemøller
city: copenhagen
your style: always something masculine and feminine at same time, new and secondhand, nostalgic
shop: online i'm not so impulsive, otherwise secondhand and various danish designer stores.
where do you see yourself in five years? celebrating the fact that i'm 23 and nut busy, travelling, writing, dancing, sewing, drawing
perfect day: a day that involves a smoky café, exiting discussions, dicovering new things, lots of food and kisses, and dacing untill your feets hurts
current job: i'm busy studying so i'm only doing small illustator jobs or painting murals
dream job: i want to be flexibel multiartist i guess. a source of inspiration

Shen-Shen said...

style icon: other bloggers
food: squishy fries
model: lily cole
perfume: nothing really
book: flowers for algernon
film: wanted
designer: god, way too many. preen, thakoon, sandra backlund, anna sui, versace
band: don't have one
city: new york city
your style: very girly, i think.
shop: forever21, american apparel. I would be a H&M fangirl if they had one closer to where I am!
where do you see yourself in five years? Living in a tiny over-priced apartment in a gigantic city.
perfect day: hot hot hot, no obligations
current job: student, part time sales associate
dream job: CEO of a fashion company.. Business and fashion!

Marina said...

ooh, this is fun! For lurkers like myself and commenters alike.

style icon: no consistent person, Change I suppose is my icon.
food: Pie
model: I'm going back and forth between Irina Lazareanu and Iekeliene Stange.
perfume: Ma Dame by Jean Paul Gaultier
book: Le Petit Prince
film: 8 1/2 or Gone With The Wind.
designer: Jeremy Laing, Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz/Lanvin, Rei Kawakubo
band: The Shangri Las, The Raveonettes.
city: Toronto - such a homebody.
your style: ever changing, getting bigger.
shop: 69 Vintage, Apt 909 & other vintage in Toronto.
where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully on a stage somewhere.
perfect day: A great rehearsal, followed by a mid-afternoon dessert and shoe trip, a really nice dinner with a large group of friends.
current job: job-looker/parent moocher.
dream job: Actor/Theatre company director.

enjoy! can't wait to hear your answers.

aynymd said...

style icon:Kirsten Dunst
model:Natalia Vodiaonova
perfume:ORIGINS Ginger essence
designer:Marc Jacobs
band:sean lennon
city:Tokyo,San Francisco
your style:depends on my mood!
where do you see yourself in 5years?:working in Tokyo.
perfect day:sunny,picnic
current job:college student
dream job:fashion editor

masha said...

style icon: julia von boehm / erika kurihara
food: parmesan cheese(just parmesan, i don't need anything else to go with it) - my guilty pleasure
model: sasha pivovarova
perfume: brit by burberry
book: 62:a model kit by cortazar
film: blow up
designer: viktor&rolf / maison martin margiela / rick owens
band: clap your hands say yeah
city: st petersburg / barcelona
your style: simple
shop: topshop / day&night
where do you see yourself in five years? happy with every decision i've made
perfect day: lying on the beach (always gets me relaxed, happy and optimistic) and going out dancing with a bunch of friends. and doing this 3 days in a row without sleeping
current job: architecture student, freelance interior designer
dream job: multifunctional artist: architect, designer, painter, stylist.....

..... said...

i dont have time to do it but it's lovely to read the one twenty somethin others did

Anonymous said...

ooh yay for spreading the love!

icon: marianne faithful (hair icons count?)or Daphne Guinness
food: pick 'n' mix!!
model: Lara and i'll always love kate
perfume: Lancome Connexion
book: Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
film: i'll get back to you ha
designer: YSL/ Stella McCartney
band: hmm...quite loyal to the Libertines + The Strokes
city: London + Paris
style: little match girl
shop: everywhere, but All Saints + Topshop should give me a pension
5 years: big flat in ny/paris, steady job...please?
perfect day: first day of summer, winding down in the park after college drinking then high-jinx in camden
current job: shop-girl at Jane Norman (ssh dont judge!!)
Dream job: some form of an artist??

Tinsley said...

style icon: francoise hardy
food: pasta mmm
model: daria werbowy
perfume: orange blossom by gap
book: the catcher in the rye
film: breakfast at tiffany's
designer: maison martin margiela or givenchy
band: the strokes
city: paris
your style: androgynous
shop: aritzia
where do you see yourself in five years? no idea!
perfect day: christmas - everything is always perfect
current job: student
dream job: actress

Eva. said...

style icon: emmanuelle alt, lou doillon, erin wasson, charlotte gainsbourg
food: indian
model: lara,sasha
book:chance by chanel (a classic)
film: this is why i hate favourites
designer:i would have to with Ghesquiere for timeless but I'm really into Marios Schwab, Balmain and Louise Goldin lately.
band:the strokes
your style:random
shop:definitely all internet stores, but i love a good flea-market shopping excursion
where do you see yourself in five years? studying in London
perfect day: first day of snow: everything looks so beautiful and it;s not mucky and dirty yet..
current job:student
dream job: i'd love to have enough energy to be able to do everyhting i like at one lifetime..

Eva. said...

oops i forgot the favourite book: the butterfly tattoo

Anonymous said...

style icon: Christaine F and Modesty Blaise, hell whoever takes my fancy.
food: Liquorice
model: Still have a soft spot for Irina Lazareanu.
perfume: Anything appley.
book: Lithium for medea by Kate Braverman (can not recommend her enough)
film: Shortbus
designer:Too many... Jean Pierre Braganza, Marjan Pejoski...Nicholas Kirkwood for shoes and my friends creations.
band: RTX right now
city: Amsterdam
your style: Black day, white nights. Inconsistency.
shop: Any cheap second hand shops
where do you see yourself in five years? I can barely think ahead to next week.
perfect day:sun, friends and laughter, wild abandon.
current job: Gallery assistant and student.
dream job: To own my own cafe/gallery with shop and a multidisciplinary design studio out back.

Ella Gregory said...

Great idea. It's like the introduction of an AA meeting, although a very stylish one. Love how you called them lurkers too.

style icon: Ashley Olsen
food: French bread
model: Jessica Stam/Daria Werbory
perfume: Bvlgari Jasmin Noir
book: Breakfast with Tiffany by Edwin John Wintle
film: The Garden State
designer: Marc Jacobs, because he is so funny.
band: The Rolling Stones
city: New York
your style: British-y mish mash
shop: Harvey Nichols
where do you see yourself in five years? Spending lots of money in Bergdorf Goodman
perfect day: Reading magazines
current job: Blogging and studying
dream job: Still don't know, but it is in fashion.

Anonymous said...

i simply can not choose

style icon:i have many many um florence from florence and the machine,chloe sevigny,jane banks,roisen murphy,clemence poesy,mk olsen,grace jones,
food:dont really have one
model:karlie kloss,sasha pivovarova,Valentine Fillol-Cordier
perfume:chloe by chloe,lovely by sarah jessica parker
book:twilight series
film:science of sleep,eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
designer:alexander mcqueen,chloe,luella,viktor and rolf
band:the noisettes,florence and the machine,laura marling,lykke li,mgmt
your style:weird and a bit girly/grannie
shop:topshop and charity shops
where do you see yourself in five years? surrounded by shoes
perfect day:shopping all day and dressing up and going to a tea party at night
current job:im a student
dream job:designing outrageous clothes and having lots of money

Michelle said...

I'm all for blogger bonding, plus its Sunday and best time for a questionaire..

style icon: Valentine Fillol Cordier, Anna Karina
food: Everything
model: VFC. Daul Kim. Kate Moss. Lara Stone
perfume: Daisy by MJ
book: F.Scott Fitzgerald, Evelyn Waugh, Paul Auster, and copious amount of Sci Fi
film: Chrsitiane F. Performance. Finding Nemo
designer: Charles Anastase this season.
band: Wire
city: Paris/London
your style: Messy
shop: H&M, TopShop, AA
where do you see yourself in five years? 27
perfect day: Picnic, sun, cat
current job: Student translator
dream job: not doing legal translation ever again.

Anonymous said...

style icon: Mary Kate Olsen, Erin from ErinKan, Sandy from Niotillfem and people I see on facehunter

food: a roast chicken sunday lunch

model: gemma, siri and jessica

perfume: vera wang princess in the day, jean paul gaultier at night

book: the book thief, the times travellers wife, everything is illuminated

film: Labyrinth, A Bout De Souffle, Little Miss Sunshine

designer: Balmain, Charles Anastase, Luella, Chanel

band: Pulp, The Shins, Kings of Leon, The Kills, Keith.... I could go on and on

city: Manchester, Paris, Sydney

your style: A lot of vintage, dresses and colourful tights

shop: Retro Rehab, Topshop, Urban Outfitters

where do you see yourself in five years? Somewhere else

perfect day: Spending the morning in bed with my boyfriend, spending the afternoon walking around a foreign city like Paris on my own, spending the night dancing with my best friends

current job: Visual merchandiser at Topshop

dream job: Anything in fashion that pays more than current job.

littlemolly said...

style icon: alexa chung
food: olives and feta
model: kate moss always
perfume: paul smith rose
book: the great gatsby
film: annie hall
designer: chanel
band: the strokes
city: brighton
your style: practical, baggy on top skinny/tight on bottom
shop: topshop
where do you see yourself in five years?: cute house, cool job
perfect day: lie with my boyf, breakfast, go to a museum/gallery, lovely lunch, afternoon of watching film curled up with my blanky, gig
current job: account manager
dream job: too many to choose, work for a fashion house or in a museum

Anonymous said...

style icon: debbie harry
food: mexican
model: christy turlington
perfume: prada
book: about a boy,mary poppins
film: lost in translation
designer: alexander wang, ysl
band: the cure
city: prague
your style: young person i guess
shop: topshop, zara
where do you see yourself in five years? at a university
perfect day: watching fresh prince of bel air in bed, then going for a family lunch and spend the night dancing with friends
current job: highschool student
dream job: tv presenter

Anonymous said...

I meant Elinkan, dont know how i typed 'r' instead of 'l'

Kat said...

fantastic idea!

style icon: A mix of debbie harry and grace kelly with some modernity in the shape of kirsten dunst, kate moss and alexa chung
food:pasta and really good chocolate cake
model: jessica stam, iekeliene
perfume: miss dior cherie
book:atonement by ian mcewan film:LOTR trilogy, anything with audrey hepburn, atonement designer: hmmm for personality vivienne westwood, for wearability mark jacobs
band:The Jam
your style: 40s/feminine or eclectic by day. rockchick by night.
where do you see yourself in five years?: writing hopefully and still painting
perfect day: pancakes for breakfast, art gallery, lunch and shopping, head out for to a random house party with great music and funny people
current job: student in school
dream job: writing about fashion

Anonymous said...

style icon: i couldn't say one person. a mix of alexa chung and kate moss, just because they manage to look good in everything.
food: chinese. i could live on it.
model: i'm not all that into models.
perfume: it's one made by next. it just is my scent
book: harry potter, it's GOT to be
film: my first mister
designer: luella
band: incubus
city: london
your style: my own
shop: top shop or urban outfitters
where do you see yourself in five years? married and family and doing a job i absolutley love
perfect day:going for a morning walk, then coming back for breakfast with juice and coissants and then a picnic in a field in the summer and then a night in.
current job: tesco :/
dream job: fashion designer, photographer

Flavia Flanders said...

this seems interesting..

style icon: audrey hepburn / molly ringwald / blair waldorf / mk
food: sushi
model: milagros schmoll
perfume: miss dior cherie
book: 100 años de soledad by Gabriel Garcia Marques
film: all hitchcook.
designer: cora groppo, coco chanel
band: rooney, the beatles
city: new york
your style: street urban chic
shop: mostly eBay
where do you see yourself in five years?: working
perfect day: sun, wind, camera
current job: editor in chief of fringe magazine
dream job: editor in chief of elle magazine

Siru said...

I'd love to tell you:

- Karla from karla's closet
- spaghetti
- coco rocha or suvi koponen
- stella mccarteny : sheer
- Montgomery: Little women
- the notebook
- marchesa
- In flames
- Stockholm
- cosy, lazy and easy. unfortunately
- zara
- working in fashion
- Sunday, sun shines, just movies, self made pizza, love and bf on the couch next to me.
- student (fashion)
- fashion editor.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

style icon: Alison Mosshart / Richard Hell
food: Roasted chicken
model: At the moment, Kinga Rajzak
perfume: Burberry London, Daisy Marc Jacobs
book: Atonment
film: Vertigo (Hitchcock)
designer: Helmut Lang
band: Interpol
city: Paris
your style: geek chic
shop: Printemps
where do you see yourself in five years? Married with two children
perfect day: Sunday morning
current job: editor in chief of a french webzine
dream job: something at CSI.. haha!

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

Ok, here we go!

style icon: Catherine Deneuve, BB, Sienna Miller
food: Cake
model: Kate Moss, Lara Stone
perfume: Baby Doll, YSL
book: The talented Mr. Ripley
film: Scarface
designer: YSL
band: U2
city: Paris
your style: Boho-Birkin haha
shop: Driftstores
where do you see yourself in five years? In a fashion magazine of course hehe
perfect day: Friday night at a party with my friends
current job: Freelance journalist
dream job: Freelance joournalist in fashion, music and movies

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I forgot to include my ultimate dream job: Jack Bauer's sidekick ;D

or a hotel reviewer...

Luxe. said...

style icon: Erin Wasson/Kurt Cobain
model: Anna S
perfume: Versace Crystal Noir
book:Alice Through The Looking Glass/Lolita
film: Too many
designer: Tisci for Givenchy
band: Iggy Pop
your style: Grunge at the moment.
shop: Topshop
where do you see yourself in five years? Writing
perfect day: Vintage shopping then pizza with friends
current job:Does being a student count? haha
dream job: Fashion journalist

Alison said...

style icon: lobstermen and pioneers, with the spirit of Michelle Phillips and James Dean

food: Basil

model: Anja and Aggy

perfume: CK obsession (old school)

book: Of Human Bondage by Maugham

film: Almost Famous

designer: Ralph Lauren

band: Arcade Fire, The Virgins, Ben Kweller

city: Boston

your style: basic, adorable, country girl meets big city

shop: goodwill and flea markets

where do you see yourself in five
years? I don't

perfect day: Slightly chilly sunny day, climbing rocks, splashing water, and touching big trees with just one other person

current job: Burrito Wrapper/ student/ muse

dream job: freelance magazine writer, which is not even remotely close to what i'm going to school for

Anonymous said...

style icon: Karla, Elinkan, Katherine Hepburn
food: Chocolate cake
model: Lara Stone
perfume: Fendi Palazzo
book: Alice Munro's stories
film: I'm Not There
designer: Balmain
band: Bob Dylan
city: Wellington
your style: Strange and slightly vintageous
shop: St Vincent de pauls
where do you see yourself in five years? Paris...
perfect day: Every day
current job: Student
dream job: Vintage store owner

Anna Pope said...

Great idea!

style icon: Blair Waldorf, Sienna, Kate Moss
food: carrot cake!
model: Sasha P.
perfume: Burberry Brit
book: Oscar Wilde - Dorian Gray, Bulgakov - The Master & Margarerta
film: I can never decide, I get obsessed with a different film each week
designer: Galliano
band: Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance
city: Paris & Vienna
your style: preppy one day, jeans and tee the other
shop: the ones I can afford
where do you see yourself in five years? working at the hospital during the day and out in the club at night!
perfect day: breakfast in bed, no uni, brunch with the dream boy, a lazy afternoon and then dinner and clubbing with the girls
current job: in med school
dream job: McDreamy's right hand or the owner of a hip cafe

Fashion Tidbits said...

style icon: Ashley Olsen, French Vogue team
food: ice-cream
model: Karolina Kurkova
perfume: Lauren Style
book: Matilda
film: The Mummy
designer: Isabel Marant
band: Fort Minor, Rihanna
city: Paris, Seoul
your style: clean-cut
shop: vintage
where do you see yourself in five years? still here
perfect day: sunny
current job: student
dream job: working in fashion

this is fun...

Anonymous said...

style icon: Audrey Hepburn, French Vogue people and models backstage ( ♥ )
food: dutch pancakes, spagetti, chocolate, cinnamon, apples, ceasar salad
model: aaawh too many! but i'll go van tanya dziahileva and taryn davidson (my fav. newby)
perfume: some cheap one that is only available at a dutch perfume store and doesn't even have a name.
book: The Pest by Albert Camus. currently reading Anna Karenina, love it.
film: 2001: A Space Odessey, Amelie (and lots more)
designer: Stella McCartney, Balmain, Givenchy, Paul Smith women, DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood
band: The Beatles, Air, The Republic Tigers, Regina Spektor
city: Paris
your style: i'd say preppy rock. wear a lot of black, navy and grey.
shop: Tommy Hilfiger, American Apparel
where do you see yourself in five years? I act. I've finally learned how to love and how to be loved in return. I've finally learned how to 'talk' (as in small talk because I suck at that, so i've learned to talk to random people about just things) I've read some more amazing books and watched more fabulous films. I have learned from my mistakes. Am still sarcasstic. Am still hella lot passionate.
perfect day: I hope that one will have to come. Am not so selective about 'favourite' or 'perfect' days, I enjoy almost each. I don't want to skip the bad days because that's just life
current job: Go to school. Will work at callcenter in a week, earns good.
dream job: Actress

Anonymous said...

style icon: Valentine Fillol-Cordier

food: omelette

model: Lily Donaldson

perfume: musk by Etro

book: Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides

film: Sen to Chihiro, by Haya Miyazaki

designer: Raf Simons

band: Yo la tengo

city: Stockholm

your style: half voguette (want to) half indie

shop: ekseption, in Madrid
where do you see yourself in five years? That's not clear at all

perfect day: profitable work session and beer with friends

current job: freelance fashion and beauty journalist

dream job: editor and creator of a Spanish decent fashion magazine

mmr said...

what a fun idea!

style icon: clemence de poesy
food: chinese
model: lara stone
perfume: i never wear perfume
book: catcher in the rye
film: lost in translation
designer: isabel marant
band: kings of leon
city: paris
your style: comfy but chic, i guess?
shop: zara
where do you see yourself in five years? studying in paris
perfect day: as long as it's sunny i'm perfectly happy
current job: student
dream job: a meaningful job that requires a lot of traveling

Jessica said...

So fun ! It's nice to see what everyone is doing :)

Anonymous said...

style icon: mary-kate olsen
food: salad and cheese
model: natalia vodianova
perfume: chanel no.5
book: Veil of Isis
film: down the rabbit hole
designer: Nicolas Ghesquiere
band: the cure
city: las vegas
your style: rock n roll meets cowboy gone goth/vintage
shop: h&m
where do you see yourself in five years?: running my photography company, and telling people what to do
perfect day: fall in the desert, cool but sunny dressed to kill, walking
current job: office manager at a clinic
dream job: editor at i-d mag

Anonymous said...

style icon: madonna in desperately seeking susan
food: vegan sushi
model: alice dellal
perfume: ck one scene
book: catcher in the rye of course
film: desperately seeking susan, this is england, kids, superbad
designer: comme des garcons, galliano, marciano, luella
band: foals, boy crisis
city: london, but i live in hatfield, half an hour away
your style:
shop: topshop (im generic) esp. illustrated people
where do you see yourself in five years? with a worthless fashion degree and on the dole! haha
perfect day: every day of reading '08
current job: assistant at the college of osteopaths, borehamwood.
dream job: independant designer with a little boutique all my own :)

Anonymous said...

style icon: the olsens, michelle williams (the actress NOT singer), clara balzary, anna karina, grunge, 60s
food: sushi
model: jessica stam
perfume: daisy, marc jacobs
book: the time traveller's wife/j.d salinger/roald dahl
film: the royal tenenbaums/charlie kaufman films/godard
designer: marc jacobs/chloe/chanel
band: interpol
city: new york/paris
your style: scruffy but chic, lots of black tights
shop: saks/vintage
where do you see yourself in five years? nyc
perfect day: wake up early with someone i love, have coffee, go for a walk, have a picnic in central park, go see a movie then dinner.
current job: student
dream job: something in the film industry/magazine/writer

Anonymous said...

style icon: Mary-Kate Olsen
food: Mexican
model: Alice Dellal
perfume: Coco Mademoiselle
book: One Flew Over A Cuckoo's Nest
film: Factory Girl
designer: Vivienne Westwood
band: Cold War Kids
city: London.
your style: An eclectic mix of highstreet, vintage & other random things.
shop: Vintage & Charity shops, Topshop, H&M, wherever really.
where do you see yourself in five years? Just coming out of University, so no idea really.
perfect day: Shopping & then going out dancing or to a gig on the evening.
current job: Student
dream job: Fashion editor of a magazine.

Anonymous said...

style icon: Jimi Hendrix, Louise Brooks, Katherine Hepburn, Daisy Lowe.
food: Roast dinner with Yorkshires and roasties followed by a sticky toffee pudding.
model: -
perfume: She by Armani or Chanel No. 5
book: Catch-22
film: The Shawshank Redemption
designer: Alexander McQueen
band: The biggies are: U2, The Clash, Joy Division.
city: Manchester. Where else?
your style: Pared-down rock-inspired.
shop: Charity shops, ebay and Topshop.
where do you see yourself in five years? In Foundation Year 1 of medical training.
perfect day: Relaxing outside or watching House with my boyfriend, a spot of shopping in Manchester or Chester, followed by a house-party with my closest mates.
current job: Bartender/student.
dream job: Doctor. I'm getting there.

alex said...

style icon: Erin Wasson, Kate Moss, Mary Kate Olsen, Alice Dellal, Anita Pallenberg, Carine Rotfeld, Valentine Fillol- Cordier.
food:Mmm... Noodles. Sushi, Italian Food, Spanish food.
model:Erin Wasson, Gisele, Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Sasha Pivovarova, Naomi...
perfume:Essential oil
book: At this moment, L'Attrape-Coeurs from J.D Salinger
film: Gangster: a love story, Almost Famous, Volver..
designer:John Galliano, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Halston, Chanel
band:Rolling Stones, Cat Power...and more, and more, and more..
city:Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, London, New York, Tarifa, New Delhi, Imessouane, Essaouira.
your style:I would really like to know
shop: second hand stores, Zara
where do you see yourself in five years?
Ok, five years, I'll be 20, let's say studying art or design in London or Paris
perfect day:waking up not too late, it's summer, and the weather is hot, the sun shines, i have breakfast in the garden, i'm on holiday, sun bathing, lots of magazines, beach, chiringuito, friends, reading, painting... at night, ice creams, walks,partying, night that never ends...
current job:studying ( ? )
dream job: artist, multitasker

Anonymous said...

style icon:Alison Mosshart, Priscilla Presley, Jessica Stam, Briggiete Bardot
Daisy Lowe
Alice Dellal
Lily Donaldson
Gemma Ward
Helena Christensen
Marlene Dietrich
Claudine Caroline
Lou doillon
Cory Kennedy
Jackie O
Princess Diana
Sophia Loren
Natalia Vondiana
Jane Birkin
Catherine Denueve
Debbie Harry
Diane Gruger
Alishawrya rai
Santi White
Daria Werbowy
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Carmen Electra
Patti Smith
Taz McArnold
Pharell Williams
Brandon Flowers
Sam Riley

food: Portuguese
model: Naomi Campbell is the supermodel
perfume: Stella in Two (peony) by Stella McCartney or Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior
book: atm The Goddess Guide
film: Goodfellas, hunger...
designer: Chanel, Moschino, Chloe or Balenciaga oh and Alexander Wang!
band: Too many to name. Ok here goes: Pixies, manic st preachers, weezer, we are scientists, metallica, girls aloud, joy division, the shins, smashing pumpkins, Placebo.
city: Berlin, Dublin. I think I will love NY but haven't been there yet. Oh ad Paris- there's no where like it.
your style: depends; if I wanna dress like Bowie in the late 70s then so be it but then the next day I'll wanna dress like an 80's rapper.
shop: London: rellik, mensah, 1 of a kind&the markets. Dublin: Brown Thomas for make-up, st george's market and temple bar area. Paris: aimecube, and a fabulous vintage designer shop that i cant remember the name of! Dream Jewels in Moira for one off jeweller pieces- great vintage finds from all over the world. For high street: Urban outfitters, Topshop and the odd time h and m. Ebay big style for vintage designer!!
where do you see yourself in five years? hopefully just generally happy. Surrounded by great people and good weather.
perfect day: Having a nice lie in. Then getting up to a nice breakfast. then just relaxing/having a nice walk/shopping/having a nice meal later with good friends/etc etc.
current job: Student
dream job: i dont know!

M said...

style icon: Kate Moss
model: Freja Beha
perfume: Ralph Louren
book: Little Prince
film: The Painted Veil
designer: Balmain
band: MGMT
city: London
your style: London
shop: Second Hand + Topshop
where do you see yourself in five years? Being happy
perfect day: In nature
current job: Games
dream job: Writer

Ms A said...

style icon: siouxsie sioux

food: cheese burgers

model: grace jones

perfume: j'adore

book: the sandman series

film: eraserhead

designer: alexander wang

band: the cure

city: roanoke

your style: chic grunge

shop: h & m, american apparel

where do you see yourself in five years?

being a producer and independent film maker

perfect day: a sunny day in hyde park

current job: film student

dream job: being the next stanley kubrick/ david lynch/ tim burton

ellastica said...

style icon: maria hassabi/hope sandoval/IT Vogue/Tilberis-Baron era Harper's Bazaar
food: flamin' hot cheetos
model: trish goff/kate moss/jamie rishar/kristen mcmenamy
perfume: kenzo parfum d'ete/hermes elixer de merveilles
book: our band could be your life
film: the best of youth(incredible, sharp, believable wardrobe styling)
designer: isabel toledo/(the)jil sander/miucca prada/marc jacobs
band: the replacements...
city: seattle
your style: unassuming
shop: thrift-store
where do you see yourself in five years? raising a family
perfect day: sex, thrifting, concert (in that order)
current job: shoe store clerk
dream job: stylist for US Harper's Bazaar (ax glenda bring back kate).
it used to be the shit.

Hautechick said...

style icon: Lou dillon, Clémence Poésy & Kate
food:shortbread & english tea
model: Isabeli fontana
book: Revolutionary Road
film: Annie Hall
designer:Alexander Wang
your style: Simple but edgy
shop: AA , Thrift stores, Topshop ( Just the oxford Circus one )
where do you see yourself in five years? NY working for a fashion mag
perfect day:wake up midday and open a bottle of wine ..haha
current job: gap year student which pretty much means bumming about doing nothing :)
dream job: Katie England's!

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

style icon: patrick wolf, Robyn, Lykke Li
food: toast
model: Jack Barnett, Cole Mohr (I like men's fashion a lot)
perfume: Infusion d'iris, Prada
book: how i live now & No Seats on the Party Car
film: Brick, Buffalo '66, Down By Law
designer: Henrik Vibskov, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons
band: Smog, Patrick Wolf, These New Puritans
city: Memphis TN, Chicago
your style: midwestern glamour?
shop:, second hand?
where do you see yourself in five years?: Working on a film (something behind the camera)
perfect day: involves a perfect outfit, breakfast at a diner, shopping/adevnturing, a show, a movie, then sex & sleep
current job: student
dream job: filmmaker