Monday, October 20, 2008

wrap it up and send it away

last week, i spent the day in bed equipped with many a dried up glue stick and a big old pair or scissors making up care packages for the winners of the last fashion quiz.

some of you may remember that back in may there was a little competition that when down where i asked people to predict who would wear which labels to the met costume gala (tricky, i know..) and tala was the winner of the first ever discotheque confusion mix (yay!) this was so much fun that when I was making up the parcels for the winners of the most recent fashion quiz, i created the"discotheque confusion mix volume II".

it was very lucky that the winners turned out to be a lovely trio of bloggers (jessica from sick., deex from pistol whipped and sunniva from the style spot) and i designed unique cover art for each girl according to what i had already gathered from their personalities.

i love putting together letters and parcels, just because i know what a pleasure it is to recieve them.

for the rest of you, here is the playlist, and this might be a good time for everyone to recommend some music that they love. there is so much droll around at the moment; so please share the love!

australia-the shins
see emily play-pink floyd
vicar in a tutu-the smiths
don't look that way at it-white denim
midnight man-nick cave and the bad seeds
the killing moon-echo and the bunnymen
stars and sons-broken social scene
east yourself-goldfrapp
love will tear us apart-joy division
head over heels-tears for fears
phantom limb-the shins
heimrich maneuver-interpol
enjoy the silence-depeche mode
boys don't cry-the cure
later monday-jon brion
love her madly-the doors

each parcel differed, but overall these were included; a couple of magazine clippings, sweets/a chinese fortune cookie, some vintage buttons, mix cd, perfume sample, viktor and rolf postcards..


Anonymous said...

Everything of Libertines but especially- Music when the lights go out, Dont' look back into the sun, The good old days and can't stand me now

Noah and the while 5 years time

Department of eagles- no one does it like you

dirty pretty things- gentry cove, wondering

and much much more


Anonymous said...

sorry i ment

noah and the whale of course

other music

the coral- dreaming of you

A. said...

oh the joys of parcel making! we know all about it too well, dont we love? ;]

i actually quite happy all my birthday packages are running late. my birthdays turned into a bit of a hanukkah like celebration with presents arrive here & there, every other day.

& eat yourself! such a lovely choice! it is definitely going down as a frapp classic.

love xxxxx

A. said...

ps, great music selection. i definitely have some downloading to do now.

& if you enjoy the shins hat much you might like 'fleet foxes' they remind me a lot of the shins.

& i recommend anything by the knife, roisin murphy, classic 'felt mountain' & 'black cherry' goldfrapp, early 90s tricky, triad by jefferson airplane & river man by nick drake.


A. said...

& these too by trentemoller; miss you & moan.

two amazing amazing songs.

hehe, i could go on about music forever...

Aisha said...

That's so cool you made special gifts for the winners of your contest! You've got pretty rad ideas, Stevie. Joy division, pink floyd, the shins, the doors, the smiths & broken social scene in one cd? This is one reallyreally cool mixed cd (;

I also love Belle and Sebastian, Kings of convenience, Manu chao, feist... actually I like a lot of music.

leeselooks said...

you have to be the biggest sweetheart.


ah. i love sending mail + making fun parcels. i always send my family little care packages from SA!

a new band that i have been listening to as of late- the subways.

i hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Chantelle said...

omg you are adorable! I hope they like it, the gifts are tres originale

Siru said...

Happy winners, must say. It is lovely how much effort you put in to this.

juliet xxx

electric feel said...

wow you're very creative

Mon Chér said...

oh, that is so so so cool!
i love doing things like that too <3
too bad none of my friends do; haha x

May Kasahara said...

what amazing prizes!

♥ so jealz.

Kat said...

i am seriously jealous i didn't enter into that competition!
that cd sounds brilliant - love the smiths, love that depeche mode song and quite like joy division too.
as for other stuff,my favourites are- the jam, david bowie, the stoneroses, the clash, bob dylan

Luxe. said...

Aww they are such cute little parcels!

Annie said...

very cute. do another quiz! I'd never win but it sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills

I could so imagine this song on the catwalk


Anonymous said...

ooh i want one of those packages just because they look so lovely! i'd be so happy if i was one of those winnners!

Meghan and Lana said...

limewire here i come! good playlist!

Meghan and Lana said...

limewire here i come! good playlist!

Michelle said...

I got to say that's the sweetest idea ever, I'm kicking myself for not join in the quiz now!

young-shields said...

your music taste is so like mine, and i swear you are the loveliest person with all these little packages and your original posts...

favourite blog? yes.

thanks for the reference, there are truly some shocking comments :P yours were a little wittier than mine

young-shields xxx

elysia mann said...

so sweet, those winners are lucky!

Iñaki said...

How beautiful are V&R's postcards!!!!

xx said...

How lovely!!

Anonymous said...
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