Thursday, October 23, 2008

short shorts and quivering knees

dirty dancing is one of those guilty pleasures, let's face it; it's not a very cool film to like. i'll watch it every couple of years and giggle and sigh in all the right parts, and unashamedly cave in and behave in an overly girlish manner reserved only for this film.

baby is meant to be uncool.
but everytime i watch it, this outfit sticks in my head.

and um, her name is actually pretty rad
imagine being called baby!
better trip down the american apparel, i guess


leeselooks said...


if you only knew how much i loved dirty dancing.

baby is my hero!

my sister & I watched it until we wore out the tape.

now i have the dvd.

It's still one of my favs.

b/c we danced i think we got away with watching it at such a young age!

ah the jean shorts. classic.

i hope you're having a wonderful week.


Sara Luxe said...

i feel this way about flash dance too . it makes me wish i have been born earlier so i could wear these things originally ! and a AA is coming to Manchester soon . im sooo excited !

Leah said...

AHH! from when i was old enough to use the VCR by myself until i was about 17, i watched this movie nearly once a day. crazy right? i just wanted to dance... i love this post!

Audrey Leighton said...

love the high waisted denim,
saw some similar in topshop the other week.
still in loveeeage with your blog missy

Anonymous said...

ahh i love this dvd, have for years! it always makes me cry, its just one of those films you can't help but love! and baby is cute! she dresses so innocently and then look what happens to her!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Baby was cool--she was just around people who didn't get her!


A guilty pleasure for sure but such a good one! And I like to share my first name with baby...

this wheel's on fire said...

amazing post! a crazily embarrassing love of mine :)

Tinsley said...

she is the perfect poster girl for american apparell, now that i think of it!
eighties movies? amazing

Anonymous said...

Love Dirty Dancing! Stumbled upon this gem the other day... Dirty Dancing mashed with Rye Rye, things will never be the same again.

Tinsley said...

what other julian would it be ;)

Tinsley said...

oop sorry wrong account :(
but of course it is julian casablancas!
god that man is just too much
too bad he is married and like a decade older

Anonymous said...

dirty dancing is one of my many guilty pleasures, baby was supercool, so was her style

Anna Pope said...

I watched DD for the first time about a year ago and I fell in love completely (Patrick Swaize helped with that ;D)

Lisa said...

Oh I loved Dirty Dancing. Her dress in the final dance scene is also one of my favourite outfits in the movie.

Anonymous said...


Phyllis Nefler said...

Nobody puts Phyllis in the corner! Love your blog, Darling!


SICK. said...

oh my god !
my friend alyssa and i watched this so many times this summer :]


Tash Yi said...

i love you for reminding me of how much i love this movie.

- Tash!