Tuesday, August 24, 2010

granny annie

I've already featured my Dad and his aviator jacketed, dungaree wearing, beret posing self (back in the day). So it only seems fair that I push my Granny into the limelight too as it's thanks to that indispensable stack of magazines next to her loo that whet my appetite for fashion in the first place. I've mentioned her a couple of times already as she is the self proclaimed number one fan of Discotheque Confusion and reads often.

Granny is the one behind my love of sitting in cafes with reading and writing materials and she always encouraged an appreciation of individual style. In turn I introduced her to the world of blogs and she now has her own brilliant one chronicling the world of Allie Allbright.

I remember she once bought us two matching scrapbooks and we spent an afternoon together in her cosy flat with scissors, glue, magazines (and probably caramel biscuits and lemonade too) creating collages. Hers was filled with quotations and bright colours. It was the image on her front cover that sticks in my mind; an image of Betsey Johnson sitting in her bedroom, a mish-mash palace of pink furs and batenburg cake shades, the perfect ode to growing old disgracefully.

My Granny has the perfect mix where growing older (she's still in her sixties, hardly old) is concerned with a few fantastic trouser suits (in oatmeal and turquoise), lots of go-to classics but also some dabbling with flirty thigh high boots and inappropriate fancy dress outfits here and there..

I think for a lot of women their relationship with their Grandmother is always a very special one and just sitting and writing this should show this is certainly true in my case. Our relationship only mirrors the one she had with her own Grandmother (though likely minus giggling together through Samantha's infamous scenes in Sex and The City) who would bring her back sacred copies of Seventeen from trips to America.

I should really show some pictures of her style now but that's perhaps another time as Granny back in the day (think floppy hats, 60s minis and army surplus wears) in very in line with my current 60s/70s fixation. And so follows the scans I made from her photo albums some time last year.




Unknown said...

Such a sweet photos.

Jasmin said...

love those photos, wish I would have some of my granny :)

Anonymous said...

your granny looks exuberant! like the photos a lot

Bojana said...

What a beautiful grandmother! She is very stylish.
You've probably already seen this movie but, who knows mabe you haven't, you should watch "the graduate", with dustin hoffmann, (1969). Great fashion needless to say and an even better movie!

Rebecca Hawkes said...

Wow shes gorgeous and oh so stylish! I love the little hand written notes next to the photographs.

Ally said...

Love these photos, your granny is amazing!! Unfortunately I only have a few photos of my gran when she was a youngster (she's 93!!) but the ones I have I cherish. Really motivates me to use film because I want to have some photos to show my grandkids one day, ones that haven't been 'lost' in cyberspace and broken hard drives.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! And I love her style, I would wear all those dresses.