Monday, February 14, 2011

the 14th

Ah Valentines Day. I know a love-related festival is borne out of good intentions (whatever you think about Hallmark related fanfare) but February 14th knows how to make singles feel shoddy doesn't it? This year's Valentines not-so nicely coincides with me being newly single as of this weekend so I am resolving to buy myself flowers (a usual non-Valentines related pick me up) and sneakily slide homemade cards under my friends' doors and not feel too disappointed when I find my postbox empty tomorrow morning. This all sounds a bit woe is me- to be honest I'd probably be doing the same even in different circumstances. I remember when I was at school I drew little cards with inappropriate pictures of lovesick sausages asking pigs to be their valentine and sent them to my friends through the internal Valentines post system. And a couple of years back me and my Mum went to an anti-Valentines screening of a series of short films which ranged from the music video for 'Elephant Gun' by Beirut to an incestuous tale of a brother and sister living in a tenement building somewhere in Eastern Europe. The latter was rather over indulgently arty but again deliciously inappropriate for Valentines. But the point is, Happy Valentines from me to you, take it with a pinch of salt, and maybe make some cool cookies like these for the equally cool people in your life, platonic or not platonic.


Unknown said...

Ha, I know what you mean! That film screening sounds awesome! ha. Nice video choice as well.
Happy Valentines day (with a pinch of salt!)

xxx said...

Aaaahhhh, Happy Monday to you. Will I see you at LFW? x

Chuck said...

Yey daffodils!

Andrew said...

Sorry about the bad timing :( It always seems to be that way... blah

keep up the good attitude. I'll be your valentine!!! ;)