Tuesday, February 08, 2011


rather like this blog. www.66kf.wordpress.com. very little to know except that it's written by ekaterina, who is originally from russia and at some point along the line studied at central st martins. but what's of more importance is that her blog and the pictures she posts are plain old lovely.


Anonymous said...

love this girls bangs!



amy said...

I was just going to say that **
Her bangs are beautiful!

nice post <3

Anonymous said...

ahh thank you so much for sharing this blog with me - amazing!

Ally said...

These are so beautiful, and I agree that her fringe is really lovely. I'm tempted to get the same (although might need to accept that getting a similar fringe doesn't mean I'll get a similarly beautiful face)

Anonymous said...

this blog is one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

This blog is very cool! Thanks for the link lady! x