Monday, February 14, 2011

dipping a toe in the water..

image: russh jan/feb 2010 'julia likes metal and making out'

After toying with the idea for ages, I'm biting the bullet and offering advertising on the blog. As a blog reader I'm always of the approach that as long as the advertising is relevant and it reflects the personality of the blog (and it's not blanketing the entire screen everytime I bloody well move my mouse) then I don't have a problem with it. So I'll be taking the same approach here. But I'd like to know what you as a reader think about this, I  used to be incredibly put off by advertising and viewed it as some form of selling but I feel like approaches to advertising through blogs has changed a lot, certainly in the last couple of years and now I don't mind. I put a lot of love into this blog and as a student it would always be nice to have a few extra pennies in my pocket but if you think advertising would affect your enjoyment of the blog, do speak up as this is primarily something I do for enjoyment rather than some money-making scheme.

I'm interested in working with independant designers/vintage sellers whose products will be of genuine interest to you lot. As well as to me-I wouldn't include links to sellers that I wouldn't be compelled to click on myself. To potential advertisers, drop me a line at if you'd like to ask about rates and and the ins and outs of everything. While I get the hang of all of this I'll offer a reduced rate of advertising, whoop de whoop!


Anonymous said...

I really don't 'blame' bloggers for using advertising...I mean if it's offered to them, it's basically a way to
Make some sort of income...reaping the benefits of having a popular blog financially! I'm not opposed to it as a reader - obviously I think it adds a tiny bit of credibility if what is being advertised is in keeping with the blogs style & content... I remember reading a wonderful fashion blog & being kind of bemused by adverts for jamacian holidays clogging up the sides?! Really bizarre. Anyway, I'd Go for it Stevie! being a fellow uni student cash is sacred & while I'm trying not to compromise my degree (for the time being! Funds are low!) by getting a job... If I had a blog & advertising was offered, I'd snap it up.

Ally said...

I have no issue with advertising on blogs when it is done right and you sound like you have the perfect approach so I say go for it! I've found some of my favourite online vintage stores through blog advertisements.

Unknown said...

You have a very popular blog and you clearly put such a lot of time and effort it that I think you deserve to be getting a financial reward.

I can't see how your readers could resent you for this, at least not unless they offer to pay you for your content? Perhaps you should set up a Times-style paywall and see how that goes down??

Your integrity as a blogger is why you're one of my favourites, and I'm sure none of your other readers doubt this. I'm also sure by being choosy that you could integrate the adverts into the blog successfully, making sure the aesthetic of it isn't ruined?


Anonymous said...

^I agree 1000%.
go for it. you've put enough time & effort into your smart, lovely blog.
you should see a little profit, if only because you're a student!

Anonymous said...

go for it! your blog is a great read, you have a good head on your shoulders and i know what it is like to be a cash strapped student. so advertising on here would be no bother at all.

Unknown said...

EXACTLY what tallullahelle said.
Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Hey stevie, this is sashab18 from twitter (I follow you on there!)

I love your blog and it's pretty much the one I read regularly out of all of the fashion related ones out there. Discotheque confusion is often more interesting, honest and inspiring than a lot of the fashion magazines I read and pay for, so I say go for advertising! You do a fantastic job and it's clear that a lot of effort goes into your posts.. you deserve to benefit financially from having such a thoughtful and brilliant blog!


Anonymous said...

you have a great blog because you have a personal and smart approach to blogging...and i'm happy to see fellow readers see that, too, judging by other comments!

Samantha said...

it's so lovely to see all the nice feedback you've got from this! i agree, well chosen adverts can add a little more eye candy/link to something new and undiscovered for the reader. hope it goes well x

Anonymous said...

i think if you have a tad more money you ll be able to concentrate more on the things you love to to do, such as writing on the blog:) right?:)