Saturday, December 01, 2007

Advent Season, Day One.

Once again, December is upon us, and this morning, December 1st will no doubt be a date of panic for many people, believing that this year (although they promised themselves they wouldn't) they have left the present shopping too late.

Chh! Chill! There really are more important things going on in the world, you have nearly a month left.

To celebrate the festive season, I at Discotheque Confusion am presenting you with your very own tooth decay free (eye) candy over the next 25 days in the lead up to Christmas. A couple of exciting guests, lots of outfits to analyse and a nice dose of seasonal sparkle, so remember to check back each day and have a peek at what's going on.

It's all very well opening up the latest issue of X glossy magazine and being greeted by a 20 page gift guide, but when it features custom made perfume and dover st market goodies that cost more than a deposit on a small flat it's not all that helpful. If you're hoping for some inspiration and funnil enough don't have the budget of Carine Roitfeld (highly likely) I have compiled four mini guides of stocking fillers and presents for your girlfriends that not only have a friendly price tag but are genuinely nice and are from places that are easy to get hold of them (if you live in the UK, mostly..)


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Bojana said...

I want it all

I love your posts, and your blog in general, but you already know that

Lana said...

Very sweet of you! Will help lots of girls find a present!

Jo said...

oh wow! you linked me on your december best reads! aww! thank you so much!!!

I love all the ideas of gifts you posted! its a great guide!
I can wait for the ne posts!

oh and your header looks so fun!!! love it!

Jo said...

ups sorry for the mistakes...i wrote to fast and some letters are missing!

"I cant wait for the new posts"- its was what I was trying to say!!!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I'm really flattered!
Your gift guides are pretty awesome. I really like that one is called "all-american rich kid," hilariously brillant.

Anonymous said...

now we can all have parisian pajamafests- all we need is some Air and Plasticines, and those satin charmeuse roller shorts!

+ actually, add vogue paris, which dosent seem to be out today :S


Anonymous said...

the gift guide is great, and thanks for including the all-American guide with things we fashionistas who live across the pond can get our hands on. Oh, and those t-strap platforms from are gorgeous!

Lauren said...

love all this!!!! i have the sound of sleep soundtrack - love it :)

oh and u love the post below - tooo cute! im excited for christmas too :)

A. said...

oh my, i really needed this.

thank you for all your lovely ideas!

'pajama party in paris' is my fav :]

you are my favourite blogger.

xoxo abby

emsie said...

wow i love the new banner, so christmassy

and all the presents are gorgeous, for me it's london quirk i think


Anonymous said...

Love it!

-S said...

for some reason, chloe sevigny with a beard really creeps me out.

Héloïse J. said...

i'm definitely going for the London quirk and the pyjama party à Paris! i already got my hands on the jazz shoes (in silver!)which i adore.
LOVELY post :)

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!