Saturday, December 22, 2007

The good news...

I am starting to get a little better, a little better.

Clearly my hallucinating ways are here to stay for the time being.
Ventured outside today for Christmas presents..
I ended up verbally abusing a bus driver.
I have never done this before. Only in my head many, many times, in one of those scenarios when you make up a witty and cutting comeback a long time after being insulted by somebody, and you feel all smug with yourself until you realise you can't use it.

I need to point out to those of you who do not live in the UK, or indeed those who do, but are blessed with a satisfactory transport system, that many bus drivers (I shall not generalise, as it's a lovely surprise when you come across a well mannered one) in my city are the scum of the hideous transport system, dishing out nasty vibes and starts to people's mornings.

Despite being a rather openminded person, I have no tolerance for rude bus drivers (there is no need for it) and combined with my flu and a short short fuse (he'd been dissing an old lady y'all) rather a lot of anger poured out of me in a rather undignified but nonetheless satisfying way as I stumbled off of the bus.

Once on the pavement, I turned around to see the driver cackling in my direction as the bus whizzed nastily past and the other passengers sat gormlessly in their seats and I had a little sob to myself wishing I had stayed in bed.

expect me back tomorrow with more of a spring in my step..


Aisha said...

Hope you get better for real soon (:
I hate FLU, specially on christmas =S, or december, or ANYTIME, i really hate flu.

I know how transport sucks in Bristol, my cousin lives there and my mom has been over there a couple of times, so she has told me about it. Here, I have to say is more eficient; but still bus drivers are SO rude.

Well, can't wait for your next post

Andrea Martínez Maugard said...

Nasty people is everywhere
In my city I hate to take the bus just because the awful drivers
I hope you get well for Christmas!

Liberty London Girl said...

Oh you poor love. I've been in bed since Tuesday and I'm rather enjoying being cocooned away from the world. (I've been discouraging visitors.)

Thank you for the congrats -I am rather chuffed -it's always nice to be appreciated. And yr comment mande me chuckle! I was absolutely gobsmacked by the Harvey thing: just so unexpected in a grubby dive bar and, as you say, his reputation didn't exactly fill me with anticipatory glee...

I do hope you feel much more comme il faut soon. LLG xx

ps saw CSS live four times this year. Smashing!

Kat said...

Get well soon, my dear. Can't be easy at this time of the year. Relax, now and take it easy, don't worry about the blog! And don't mind that bloody bus driver either! recently I had my own encounter with a horrible bus driver, he nearly made me cry! said...

Get well girl. There are always up and downs. And december is always difficult (too much expectations).


Miss at la Playa said...

i couldn't have said anything to him, and I wish that sometimes I could explode and shout all the unfair things people do

Anonymous said...

haha ur my hero! london's exactly the same, god forbid the little oyster reader should turn any colour but green or your bruised bottom will be on the pavement in seconds!
Even in Preston (where i grew up), bus drivers were notorious for hating teenagers. One once sped away before my foot touched the ground and i sprained my ankle!

i think the uk transport system just needs a bucking up in general...

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oh! Feel better. And some people need to be told off from time to time. I always feel some people need to learn taht what they're doing/saying is wrong, but I'm too timid to be the one to point it out. I say--good for you for not letting one slide!

A. said...

oh sweety i do hope you feel better its no fun being sick at christmas :[

& yes, you have to love roisin for making us think that such a geeky show might actually be worth watching sometime. hehe ive even tivo'd a couple episodes already...

i quite like the video. i like seeing celebrities in mundane situations, makes them seem more real, more like us.

feel better doll, abby

Tinsley said...

oh i would have been way to shy to say anything

i do feel bad for him a bit though - you have to wonder how many angry shoppers and rude people he encounters everyday :(

but i feel worse for you! Get better :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

oh dear. plz get better soon

Héloïse J. said...

oh.. hope you get better SOON. i was lying in this deathbed too for the last 10 days and at last i'm back!

Joyeux Noel :)

p.s rude drivers seem to have no geographical limits though. they're everywhere (unfortunately)!

Ella Gregory said...

Bus drivers are one of the many reasons I don't do buses!
I feel your pain!