Monday, October 27, 2008

the rules of halloween dressing

1980s (mid) - Eve, Britt, Emily, Nathan, Blake (we think), Clint, Laine - Halloween - costumes - sitting - 0071 by ClintJCL.
When you pass the trick or treating age, dressing up becomes a substitute for the vast amount of multipack chocolates that you my no longer acquire, and it must be taken very seriously indeed.

Things get a little competitive, with everyone acting all aloof and uninterested until the last minute, plotting a costume that shall never ever, in the history (and future) of Halloween be topped.

Now is your last chance to get on with that undercover research..

my mother can testifty the trials of the halloween costume, and the importance of a bit of prepping. A couple of years ago she popped down to the fancy dress shop on the 31st and was met by the choice of a pvc nun's costume or a fat pumpkin suit. she opted for the latter (and looked 'badasss' in a very deadpan way). and I think the sexy habit ended up in rick owens studio.

here are some of the rules to dressing well for halloween.

do have a drag party

kings and queens welcome, girls grab a moustache and brill creme, guys grab platforms and boobs. gender bending has never been so hot.

don't be
too obscure

as much as i love channelling film characters, going as some extra from a french film just so that you can wear a striped jumper and smoke a cigarette in a holder is the height of pretentiousness.

don't be sexy cats
or slutty devils, dark angels or.. flirty bats. whatever else you could think up along these lines; just no.
why do peoples parents not teach these rules from a young age?

do consider an anti cartoon character
remember when we were little and we were dying to go to parties dressed as ariel, belle and (insert disney princess here)? why not relive this? or the flintstones, tom and jerry, tintin, the snorks, the moomins..
if you're adamant on the cat theme. go as top cat!

don't be afraid to look a little silly
besides, this is the perfect excuse to not look prettypretty and to show your sense of humour.

do embrace headwear
wigs, fruitbowls, pumpkins, trees, headresses, an axe. find whatever will balance on your head and you're good to go.

do be original
118 118 Chris's Bday 005 by Toffee Chrisp.
the 118 118 men do not fit into this category

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Anonymous said...

hahha such cute rules! :)

i love halloween!

La C

hannah-rose said...

your rules are excellent! and very true.
don't be sexy cats is something a lot people need to learn.
can't wait for halloween!

Chantelle said...


Siru said...

I am gonna be vampire, though being a guy is a great idea.

juliet xxx

whole in. said...

i'm throwing a halloween party on friday and i still haven't got a costume yet! But i'll follow your rules now! haha.

Mon Chér said...

now i really wish we celebrated halloween over here..
great rules though!

young-shields said...

Hahahaha those men at the end look so ridiculous!

I love this guide, but i am away on halloween so have no excuse to dress up!

y-s x

Annie said...

you make me laugh. What advice do you have on going as salt 'n' pepper? c'est original, non?

NonchalantMod said...

i'm trying to imagine someone balancing an axe on their head..hehe

Anna Pope said...

Great rules, I would love to have a drag party so much!

Anonymous said...

I've decided to a Halloween party as apathy, how do you suggest I dress?

El Notable said...

Good rules! I loved Halloween. Haven;t figured out my outfit yet!!!!!!

Miss at la Playa said...

I have been a geisha, an india (from India), I've been a teddy bear, I've been Snow White...

Anonymous said...

hehe very true rules, except maybe dressing as a disney princess, oh i want to!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Fantastic post. In Spain we are quite new at celebrating Hallowen, so thanks for the priceless info

Nikki said...

haha great rules! i hate seeing sexy nurses/french maids/bartenders in halloween parties here, it's much more fun seeing goofy costumes.

happy halloween! =D

christina said...

girls using halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut is so tired and mundane. But great little list of blurbs and rules for halloween. I especially love the dragwork.

Anthea said...

Great post! I am not dressing up this year..I was going to go as a Jennifer Beals from Flashdance but changed my mind. I am dressing up for Madonna's concert! Check out my dress on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

excellent rules! i especially agree with the importance or random headwear...always a winner.

Charlotte said...

hahahhahha, such funy rules! you just made may day!

Eyeliah said...

cartoon characters always fun!

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Your rules are right on! I thinks pebbles is such a good idea. But what are you going to wear for halloween?


Anonymous said...

I agree that the cats/angels/devils thing is overdone, but you can still make it cute and add your own touch, especially when you're on a budget and you already have the perfect dress!

Anonymous said...

I do miss the days of disney princesses though...I always wanted to be a mermaid

Anonymous said...

completely agree on the rules. love your blog
check out mine! x

Anonymous said...

What a cute child !

i love halloween!


true say.
i want to see results though

halloween posts from everyone!!!!