Thursday, November 19, 2009

charlotte gainsbourg and beck

Sometimes when things are looking up and the world is a generous mood, certain collaborations seem tailor made to suit our tastes. For me, this means Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Or Wes Anderson and Fantastic Mr Fox. And in this case, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck. With each of these projects my enthusiastic impatience saw me constantly googling release dates and drumming my fingers in anticipation. Perhaps because the latter collaboration is the most recent it has been consuming the largest portion of brain space.

As a biased fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg I have to say, girl did good. Girl did good the moment she chose Beck as her partner in writing and producing her second album. Though my first listen to the first single IRM left me feeling a little disappointed, it's grown on me, and I'm looking forward to hearing the record in full to make my mind up properly.

The video for 'Heaven Can Wait' has just been released and I'm sure you'll agree that it's quite a treat on the eyes; acoustic singalong bed-ins, suspended dens and vibrant Los Angeles natives. Rather than Parisian, the vibe is distinctly Californian and the Beck influence is clear. Charlotte's sartorial style has it's own starring role in the video, her preference for a simple button down remains but with a tennis dress and some more glitzy pieces are thrown in for good measure. Hurrah!


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

Gorgeous! And did you see the trailer for the new Gainsbourg movie? I found it here:

It looks delicious.

Ania said...

This is actually rather good! It sounds so... 'Beck' :) always good in my book. (I afmid I didn't really like IRM).
The video is so fantastically random.

IƱaki said...

I loved Charlotte as the face of Balenciaga and in The Science of Sleep


Anonymous said...

I love this and am sooo thankful that you brought this song/video to my attention.. SOOOO GOOOOOD!!