Monday, November 16, 2009

marlene marino

Friends- a day with no plans, easy company, belly laughs and the absence of self consciousness, sharing stories, mutual acquaintances, a spot of lunch, playing records (see below) and sitting in silence with you each read a few chapters of your books. I prefer to do this clothed, but Marlene Marino's models have no biggie with being naked. Clothing optional.

Have played this song about 475834 times over the last 24 hours. Listen and see what you think. You'll either be repulsed and irked by her voice or in awe of it. I fall into the latter category, though don't go a bundle on their other songs. So if anyone springs to mind as similar, do share the details!


Anonymous said...

Haha i love those! I prefer clothed to but each to their own! Great photos Xx

Leonhard said...

great, just great

Anja Krystina said...

naked is the best
the song is awesome.
know what song and played it hundred times,too.
love her voice so much <3

Isabelle Mackay-Sim said...

Hmmm yummy song :)
If I could pick a similar artist...maybe Joan as Policewoman...she's very cool, you should check out if you dont know her already
(I know I'm reviving an oldish post, but just thought I'd share)

Clare said...

have you listened to the innocence mission? a bit similar?

Unknown said...

The knife!

especially the track "You make me like charity" on the album Deep Cuts