Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mikaylah bowman

a photographer to swoon over:
I just stumbled across mikaylah bowman's flickr page and why, what a lovely stumble it was.
I give you the highest recommendation to take a look for yourself, her portfolio is large in quantity and worthy in quality.
the evolving nature of her style is apparent as she experiments with different aesthetics and ropes in friends to pose in kitchens and on sand dunes, but set up or not, she has a certain ease with a camera and there is something very simple and natural about her images.



They all have a rare, ethereal quality...really beautiful, and a perfect antidote to this miserable British weather!!

Mumbling Elf said...

Just had a nosey, these are great - and BEAUTIFUL locations! Good find :)

Love, Mumbling x

M. R. P. M. said...

those photos are beautiful, don't you just love finding amazing little treasures like this on the internet

Annie said...

god, I love the third photo so much. all those clashing prints are incredible.

Leonhard said...

yes. the photos are topping


two thumbs up for the post.
Love all of them.