Friday, November 13, 2009

russian cosy

via stockholm street style and streethearts

PS, I'm very excited to be posting an interview with Jen Brill tomorrow! Yes, yes, you may all know that Ms Brill sits right up at the top (beside dear Sevigny that is) of my girl crush hierarchy, so this is something I'm most gushy and grinny (yeah, it's a word) about.
If you ever wondered what shade of lipstick she wears and how on earth she keeps her hair looking so consistently luscious, then you must keep your eyes peeled!


Isabel said...

That second girl's outfit is so perfect - I love the feminine little cardigan!

Zlata said...

it's sooo cool!!!

María said...

I can't wait for the Jen Brill interview!! Congratulations for that.

Guiltyhyena said...

Lovely warmm hats


Gem said...

Gorgeous pics!
Looking forward to the interview!

Jo said...

Really excited about the Jen Brill interview tomorrow! Can't wait!


A. said...

oh, steve! i am so proud of you...cannot wait to read it!


ps, i guess its that time of year again, spending hours & hours scrolling through stkhlm ss for inspiration, i've already brought the bun back!

Hélène Heath said...

I absolutely love the proportions in that first outfit! It's pretty flawless, i must say.

Amazing about the interview, can't wait to see it!!

Kat said...

Love that second outfit so much!

gotta tell you stevie, just spent some time reading old posts of yours in the achives - always so inspiring:)

young-shields said...

fab fab fab fab fab fab fabby !! can't wait, no wonder you're excited xxx

Iñaki said...

The first picture is simply amazing. I like how she makes white shoes look good.
(I hate white shoes)