Thursday, November 26, 2009

stella mccartney spring 2010

What do you get when you mix together:

-a perfectly dreamy song, loved by all (girls by death in vegas)
-a breathtakingly pretty face (anouck lepere)
-a closet full of wonderfully cut, occaisonally sparkly, feminine loveliness (stella mccartney spring 2010)

Why, a mouthwatering lookbook video that will have you wanting to play dress up on the stairs in your very own Stella McCartney gowns. Splendid.


Victoria Hart said...

Amazing! Stella McCartney is easily one of my favourite designers...and Anouck is simply breathtaking...this is a match made in heaven! xxx

Francy said...

This was wonderful! I love Stella McCartney. That dress at the end stole my heart!

dw said...

sigh, splendid indeed.

dw said...

sigh, splendid indeed.

Kimberley Brandsma said...

A wonderful video! I wish I owned every singel piece showed in the video(/designed by her)!:)